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Welcome to the return of the golden age -a time when our aspirations, dreams and truths can all become reality as we work to return to our natural state of purity. We are all exploring our own, individual journey through life, and because of this, we are the only ones who can choose our ultimate destinations. However, there may be times in life when our desired path becomes obstructed, and a guiding hand can make the difference between remaining lost - or actually breaking through.


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Mojan offers 9 methods of Intuitive Spiritual Healing and Readings. Including Inner Child, Numerology, Angel Messages, Healing, Personalized Meditation (Chakra Alignment), Past Life, Aura, Intuitive, and Medium Readings. Mojan also has Spiritual Products that are Made with 100% organic ingredients and Astrology Reports available!


Choose a 60 or 90 minute session conducted by phone. Mojan's readings are a fluid, creative process and the ignition point is you. You choose which type of reading is most relevant to your current state of being. Perhaps you want specific insight about your love life, career or family. Maybe you're seeking the best course of action in determining your heart's aspirations in ALL spheres of life. Mojan's services and products adhere to the strictest ethical practices and confidentiality. Her methods are sacred and each session is honored by her evolutionary love for the person she connects with.  11:11 



“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today.  Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime”