Divine Self-Love and Romantic Soul Mate Love Bath Salts



This 3-day bath writes a "Dear Magical Universe: My heart is open to my soul mate, our union, and myself in a loving relationship" letter. The salt of the earth and the stardust of the moon mixed with the blessed ingredients and color will ignite the wheel of Love to manifest along your journey. *This bath series is recommended to commence on the New Moon.

Bath color: Red and Pink

Love Crystal and Pouch Included: Rose Quartz

Benefits: Creativity, beauty, inspiration, vitality, confidence, kindness, love, consideration, courage, inner strength and enhances the release of pheromones

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Divine Peace, Harmony and Happiness Bath Salts




Happiness lives in the harmonious home built on the truth of your authentic self. Get off the merry-go-round of repetitive cycles. Build your own elaborate rollercoaster that abandons tracks and lines, allowing YOU to write your own cotton candy adventure. This is not Big Brother's carnival of finite smoke and mirrors - let go of the distraction of mass-produced standards and practices. Once you’re out of the mirror maze, you will find the freedom to be infinite times a million.

Bath color: Orange

Happy Crystal and Pouch Included: Sunstone

Benefits: Social confidence, harmony in matters of body, mind and spirit. Joyfulness, enjoyable relationships, expanded interests, activities, resourcefulness, happiness and success.

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Divine Balance Bath Salts


Most physical maladies begin with an unhealed heart. How many times have you heard the expressions "I’m broken” or “I give up”? Contrary to these self-incriminating mantras lies the simple solution that exists in all of nature: Balance. In this potion, you will find the means to eliminate obstacles in your mind, body & spirit, uniting all planes of self in a newfound well-being. Allow the bath water to soak up all things of toxicity and distress polluting your ability to balance your heart’s liberty… You Are Loved!

Bath color: Yellow 

Health Crystal and Pouch Included: Aventurine or Amazonite 

Benefits: Mental clarity, inspiration, stimulation of curiosity and interest. Easing of depression, greater self-esteem, empowerment and confidence.

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Divine Success, Career and Prosperity Bath Salts


There is no reason why you can't love your work. As Jim Morrison said: “Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.” Like words, the work you do in life has power and can become your immortality. Overcoming fear to embrace freedom takes as much work as the day job you loathe or lack. So, use this bath to direct the energy holding you back from fulfilling your life’s purpose and replenishing your bank account. Send the universe a prosperous Post-It note memo saying you are ready to take on your divine careers. You are as abundant and creative as you allow yourself to be; you are henceforth no longer bound to societies limits.

Bath color: Green

Prosperity Crystal and Pouch Included: Tigers Eye or Citrine 

Benefits: Career aid, prosperity, stress reduction, and serenity. Peace, love, harmony in career endeavors  and life-purpose contributions 

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Divine Clarity, Creativity and Inspiration 3 Moon Bath


A bath for the diffusion of your mind, body & spirit into a tranquil cleansing of blockages to your true happiness. This experience is not like the bad Vegas tattoo you regret in the morning; this is the beautiful piece you've wanted ingrained in your skin your whole life. Within lies the opportunity to delete old messages that no longer serve your mental video recorder.

Clarity Crystal and Pouch Included: Clear Quartz, Smokey Quartz or Carnelian

Benefits: Loving expressiveness, clear communication, confidence in speaking, mental relaxation and tranquility.

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Divine Angel Protection Bath Salts


You are more healed than you know. Your spirit guides wait on permanent standby while your Angel all-stars lead you from the shadow of pathos into the protective pink orb of love. Not to sound like a psychic vending machine, but with the Angel's presence in your daily affairs, it will keep those energy vampires from draining your radiant output. Your angels are always with you when you open the light worker within you. And even if you think you don’t need or want their halos illuminating your life, they will continuously be the feathery intuitive whispers and signs you hear in your heart. 11:11, make a wish!

Angel Crystal and Pouch Included: Amethyst

Benefits: Creativity, beauty, inspiration, selflessness, generosity, enhanced artistic ability. Serenity, stillness, understanding, imagination. accurate perception, heightened intuition and awareness. Feeling of safety and also to cleanse the 8th, 9th and 10th chakra


16oz Made with Love ♡


Divine Chakra Alignment 7-Day Bath Salts



This 7-day bath takes you on an "around the world in a moment" astral journey of the self and soul. Bear witness to the transformation each layer of you undergoes as the amazing effect of this chakra-clearing bath is absorbed into your spirit. As you surrender to these moments of clarity, old patterns will be swept away with the flotsam and jetsam of the atmosphere. By the time you complete the crown chakra, you will be seeing unicorns and fairies (maybe…). 

Bath color: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet 

Chakra Crystals & Pouch Included: Tiger's Eye/Smoky Quartz / Black Tourmaline, Carnelian, Citrine, Aventurine / Rose Quartz, Sodalite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz 

Benefits: Removes energy-blockages, adjusts energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony. Spiritual growth, emotional clearing, integrated peace, and magnetic love field alignment 



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Crystal Child Bath Salts


Welcome to the greatest play date you can schedule for your crystal child to sail away on. This bath is the stuff wonderful dreams are made from. The purple-hued splendor comforts the crystal kids in fluffy white clouds, rainbows, unicorns, fairies and all manner of myths we know to be true at that age. Your crystal kid connects easily to all loving forms. In their youth, crystals always shine the brightest light - so is the crystal kid's “brainchild” ways, coloring inside AND outside the lines of conformity time & space impose on their free spirits. Crystal children come into this world filled with innocent instinct: peace, love, and harmony are their favorite ways of socializing. Here is the perfect playground of the real & imaginary waters immersing their strong spirits. We are so blessed & grateful to have them in our plane of existence.

Bath Color: Violet, blue & white 

Crystals and Pouch Included: Amethyst, Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz 

Benefits: Heart’s desire, anything’s possible, free will, fun and high spirited daydreams abound and also cleanse the 8th, 9th and 10th chakra.

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Indigo Adult Bath Salts


An indigo's childhood is riddled with external controversy due to the indigo’s intrinsic life purpose, their higher self. Because you tend to be a spirit-survivor, you hoist up the victory flag to declare your freedom from challenging life experiences. You are blessed with internal divinity and infinite, safe indigo light within your human body. Your precious hypersensitivity is the center of gravity, pulling the stars down from the skies to reunite humanity as one. This bath imbues you with your natural mystical Hermit. Henceforth, silence is not only golden; it’s the salvation of your energy for the Golden Age that is NOW. You emerge from this ocean-size bathing into transcendental moments of peace, honoring your center of the earthbound starlit stage of our world. Being a part of this transformation is a great opportunity that comes with great responsibility. Your creation of energies is of the high vibration motion, the kind that gives the San Andreas Fault a run for its money. P.S. Alone = All One. XOXO.

Bath Color: Indigo 

Crystal and Pouch Included: Amethyst, Clear Quartz, or Rose Quartz 

Benefits: Tranquility, releases energy imposed upon you, soothes your soul-ache and your third eye, brings out your true Indigo spirit and also cleanse the 8th, 9th and 10th chakra. “Your wish is YOUR command”

16oz Made with Love ♡


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Aura Cleansing Spray


Aura Cleansing Spray for those of you feeling under attack and want to feel protected or have had difficulty remaining grounded and at peace. The spray contains 10 organic essential oils, blessed and made during the summer solstice. Other ingredients include rose water, alkaline water, flower essences & alcohol. There is a gemstone crystal (Lepidolite) at the bottom of each and every bottle used as an elixir, you also have the choice to submit your main blockage and I will add the appropriate gemstone to your bottle. Apply daily to keep your chakra's clean and clear of psychic debris and repeat as often as you wish to clear and recharge your energy. Best if sprayed from the top of your head (covering eyes) trickling down to your feet or you can spray upwards several times in front of you, then step into the falling mist! To ground yourself, try spraying the soles of your feet for maximum benefits. Bring in high vibrational love energy and begin connecting with Divine's light to release all negativity from your mind, body and spirit. 


The 6 oz bottle should last you 9 months to a year. Gently shake 3 times before use!

Other great uses: 

♥ Spray on your bedding for a peaceful nights sleep 

♥ Spray over feet, knees and thighs to keep you grounded when you feel scattered or anxious  

♥ Disintegrating stress energies from the physical body and chakras 

♥ Dissolves negative energy draining you by flushing out stress and cuttings cords 

♥ Cleanse your aura to clear & recharge your energy, to be more reception to your inner voice & intuition 

♥ Spray before job interviews, speeches, tests, dates or important meetings to enhance your charisma, to increase clarity. 

♥ For clearing your home, car, office or work space, objects and rooms spray 3 times  

♥ Lightworkers, healers, therapists & psychic readers spray your crown & throat chakra before & after consulting with clients 

♥ For deeper meditations spray on your crown chakra

Made with Love ♡


Chakra, Balancing and Meditation Crystals


7 Chakra Crystals, Pouch & Charm Included:

7th Crown: Clear Quartz

6th Third Eye: Amethyst

5th Throat: Sodalite or Lapis Lazuli

4th Heart: Rose Quartz or Aventurine

3rd Solar Plexus: Citrine

2nd Sacral: Carnelian

1st Base: Red Jasper, Hematite, Smokey Quartz or Black Tourmaline

Benefits: Removes energy-blockages, adjusts energy flow of the endocrine system bringing the body into balance and harmony. Spiritual growth, emotional clearing, integrated peace, protection and magnetic love field alignment

Also includes crystal clearing and cleansing instructions

For more info Crystal Gemstones

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Rescue Remedy Spray 20 ml



Cure Negative Emotions, Trauma, Blocks and Fears with Bach Flower Remedies



Bach Flower Remedies which are especially beneficial when you find yourself in traumatic situations, such as, stress, emergencies, after getting bad news, before an exam or job interview and all other kind of situations where we suddenly lose balance mentally. The Remedies quickly get us back in our normal balance so that we calmly can deal with any situation


Read More about Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Spray


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Meditation Incense with Free Oil




Includes: Incense Holder, 7 Incense and  Oil


Use consistently for 7 days for manifesting, meditation, yoga, spiritual sessions or prayers.

Or it would also be very beneficial to use the Incense along side with your salt baths.

It burns for over 45 minutes so you can reuse the incense by putting it out after your bath.

The 5 dram Aura Cleansing Oil can be used as a daily perfume or you can apply after

you shower, keeping your chakras clean and clear of psychic debris. Oil can be used to bless your

candles as well by coating candle thoroughly.

Made with Love ♡


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Astrology Name Plate Pendant with 14K Gold Fill Necklace


Astro Name Plate is made out an anti tarnish brass and includes 18 inch 14K Gold Filled Chain.

Pendant measures approximately 30 to 41 mm x 11 mm in dimension.

Very Limited Supply xo.


Chain Length: 18 inches. Click to add Extra Chain Length

Made with Love ♡


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Angel Aura Quartz Not Wrapped Pendant Small & Large


Small Around 1¼ inch long x ¾ inch wide

Large Around 1¾ inch long x ¾ inch wide

Chain Length: 18 inches. Click to add Extra Chain Length


Angel Aura Quartz is the ultimate psychic stone for sensitives, healers, empaths and zen seekers. Excellent for helping one understand the sacred astral plane invoking psychic protection, psychic visions and accessing the Akashic records and highest wisdom… It is also an excellent aura cleanser and aids in keeping the chakra centers clear and clean of psychic debris. It can be placed on chakras for alignment especially for the crown chakra. A beautiful activator for meditation and connecting to higher realm as it clear the bodies etheric energy field and connects us to our Higher Self allowing more clarity in connection. Promotes forgiveness, kindness, serenity, compassion and feeling safe in ones energetic environment. A wonderful tool for meditation and connecting to the higher self, strengthening our cosmic connection to body mind and soul.


Read more about Angel Aura Quartz


Sterling Silver Chains: All forms of silver tarnish quickly, I now offer a hyper allergenic anti-tarnish coating that will delay tarnish by many months :)


Made with Love ♡


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Raw Black Tourmaline Protection Crystal



Earth's ultimate protection stone


Includes crystal carrier bag


Black Tourmaline (Schorl) clears negative emotions and thoughts and opens you up to joy and honesty. It aids in the receptivity of inspiration and allows it to flow freely into your mind. It does not hold a charge or store energy and so doesn’t absorb negative energy- it repels it! Carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity. It’s great for use in times of crisis or for periods of extreme stress, and it is a powerful protector until you are strong enough in your own power. It’s good for those who are highly sensitive and easily influenced by inharmonious energies. It helps you break through old patterns and fears, and cultivates inner wisdom, courage, stability and patience.

Black Tourmaline is an excellent grounding crystal for meditation.... Read More: Black Tourmaline

Made with Love ♡


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Extra Chain Length

Most Necklaces come as 18 or 20 inches. If you wish to add length to any order please choose size from the drop down menu.



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Natal Report



You may have heard a friend talk about "having their chart done." How about "what's your ascendant / rising sign?" A natal report is an intuitive interpretation of your collective life force and reflects the unique pattern of the stars and planets at the time you were born. Discover your unique and original attributes, including categories like: Your Real Motivation: Mental Interests and Abilities (the way you think and the power you have to create the life you want to live). Emotions, Moods, Feelings, Romance (the way you love and Inner exquisiteness that is not yet revealed). Drive and Ambition: How to Achieve Your Goals, Other Influences (where your real talents lie, and how you can increase what you want to develop in your life).




Malcom X

Tupac Shakur

Bob Marley

Princess Diana

Dave Chappelle 


Compatibility Report



Every time Mojan meets someone for the first time, she always asks "when’s your birthday?" Then she creates a compatibility report between them to validate what she saw in that person. Compatibility Reports are authentically detailed, based on the unique birthdates of the two parties, and can be created for all types of relationships – a friend, love interest, business partner etc. Things that this report can examine include: What is the nature of your attraction with your significant other? In what ways do you related to each other? Which of your personality traits are compatible – or volatile! You can avoid unnecessary pain, loss, and arguments by starting to really understand the depth of your relating with another. This look in to your relationship will leave you shocked as you suddenly discover facts about you and your companion that you probably were never even aware of. Open your mind to the divine magic that will help you be realistic about “THE ONE,” and the one you seek to understand.


FREE SAMPLE Compatibility Reports

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Marilyn Monroe and John F Kennedy

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart


Numerology Report




Numbers are magical! Everything in the Universe is a mathematical equation, including you. See how you add up by learning from this ancient science. By knowing your Soul Number and Your Destiny Number, you can look at the different sums in the whole of your life. This report is created by using the digits of your birth date and the letters from your birth name as a foundation.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

More Free Numerology Charts and Reports


30 Day Forecast Report




Is it rare that you find meaning or accuracy in your daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes? Well, fortunately, we are more complex than just our main Sun sign! There are many aspects within our astrological fingerprint, and these influences can bring more detail and depth to your identity. By looking at elements like the positioning of your Moon, Venus and Mars, this forecast can cover every aspect of your life over time increments. Factors investigated include minor, day-to-day influences, but also important, long-term trends (that are often created by the slower-moving outer planets!). Be equipped with what the future holds for you.


River Phoenix Forecast Report





Personality & Romantic Compatibility Category Scores Report



Your personality is astrologically scored in 25 categories reflecting your aptitude for each, including headings like: Originality and Inventiveness Dynamic Energy Loyalty Impatience Sexual Excitability Logic The Profile Category Scores Report evaluates the relative strength and presence of various personality traits. For example, a score of 100 in a particular trait would be considered "average." A score of 125 indicates the trait is definitely strong, a score above 200 shows the trait is VERY strong, and a score above 250 says this trait dominates one’s personality. Whereas, a score of 50 or less indicates that the category is weak, with a score of 25 showing a strong lack of the particular characteristic.

Sample Astrology Report for Michael Jackson

Sample Compatibility Report for Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling


Major Life Themes Report



This report includes a brief interpretation of your natal chart and springboards in to the major themes you will encounter in life. These themes are presented in approximately the order in which they are prioritized within your life (so the themes which are more important to you are generally described near the beginning of the report). Each astrological influence is described in this report, and serves as a resource. During our travel down life's path, it is possible to repress, block or try avoid issues – even ourselves. This report will help clarify these veiled parts of your life, and encourage you to master them rather than be a passive victim of circumstance.


FREE SAMPLE Major Life Themes Report

Mother Teresa

Jim Morrison

John F Kennedy

Michael Jackson

Marilyn Monroe