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Made with 100% organic ingredients, all products are blessed and assembled during a special moon, equinox, or solstice. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in these premium products.




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Divine Bath Salt Series

The Bath salts include a crystal with charm to be kept with you, or in a special place, in order to maximize intended benefits. Allow bath water to absorb all your undesirables as you take in the benefits of the water. While it is optimal to begin a bath on the new moon or a full moon, you do have a 3-day window before and after to reap the benefits of new and full moons. The remainder of the bath salts must be taken for 3 consecutive days. You will receive instructions with further details when you receive your bath kit!   Bath ingredients


Benefits of bath taken on the full or new moon cycle:    


New Moon: Great time to takebaths for creating new relationships, attract and open up for your soul mate, remove blockage from past relationships initiates new beginnings, any artistic/ creative endeavors, manifestation, birth, and rebirth. This period is wonderful for cleansing your energy of patterns, good time for love, romance, revived health & a new career.   

Full Moon: Great time to take baths for closure, aid, rekindling romance, re- energizing a marriage, relationship & career, generates a wish for completion & clarity of a situation, relationship, or project. This period is about consistency - being ready to take action, the creation of change, and is beneficial for: love, relationships, legal matters, releasing old patterns, money, dreams & subconscious work.