Malcom X Astrology Chart report


                     The Cosmo Natal Report for Malcom X
                        May 19, 1925
                           10:25 PM
                        Omaha, Nebraska

Calculated for:
Standard time,   Time Zone 6 hours West
Latitude: 41 N 15 31     Longitude: 95 W 56 15

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     28 Tau 38               Pluto    11 Can 59
Moon    29 Ari 51               N. Node   7 Leo 20
Mercury  3 Tau 21               Asc.      4 Cap 56
Venus    5 Gem 33               MC       29 Lib 42
Mars     6 Can 30               2nd cusp 15 Aqu 17
Jupiter 22 Cap 23               3rd cusp 27 Pis 02
Saturn   9 Sco 40               5th cusp 24 Tau 12
Uranus  24 Pis 47               6th cusp 14 Gem 41
Neptune 19 Leo 53

         Chapter 1: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

Capricorn Rising:

    Cautious, prudent, and rather self-contained, you are a person who approaches life realistically and who is not
inclined to take foolish chances or get carried away by the overly optimistic or idealistic schemes of starry-eyed
dreamers. In fact, you frequently have a jaundiced view of such things. You are rather worldly-wise at a fairly young
age, even something of a cynic. Often the world doesn't seem like a safe, friendly place to you, and you tend to
approach life in a guarded, conservative manner. You are generally calculating and careful, and are rarely
spontaneous, fluid, open, and childlike.

    You are pragmatic, shrewd, and an excellent strategist, carefully planning your moves for maximum effectiveness
and advantage. You are willing to work long and persistently for what you want and you often do things the hard
way. You do not expect others to take care of you and sometimes refuse or simply don't seek any outside help. You
are often very ambitious, but quietly so. There is nothing flamboyant or flashy about your approach. You are very
responsible, conscientious, and very concerned with your duties to others and how you appear in society, your "rank"
so to speak.

    To others you seem mature, serious, quiet, reflective, and emotionally detached. You dislike sloppy sentimentality
and won't openly display your feelings, especially the softer ones. You like to always appear poised and in control
and hate to show any weakness, vulnerability, or chinks in the armor.

    You respect tradition and the time-honored way of doing things, and you feel there is much to be gained from
studying history and also by learning from older, more experienced people. A wise mentor or father is often your
guide in life, and you in turn develop a great deal of hard-earned wisdom which you like to impart to younger people.

    You have a stern, authoritarian, no-nonsense aspect to your personality. You expect much from yourself and may
not give yourself enough room to experiment and make mistakes.

    You also tend to be rather close-fisted, to save and conserve your money and resources rather than spending,
enjoying, or splurging with them. You spend money on things of quality and of lasting value, things which are good
investments, but not frivolous, temporary pleasures. There is a bit of the ascetic in you. You have great self-discipline
and self-control and can "do without" very well. Your tastes are generally understated and simple.

    Though you may have other, more colorful and imaginative sides, the face you show the world is modest and
rather conservative.

               Chapter 2: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

Sun in Taurus:

    You are a steadfast and patient soul, capable of tremendous devotion, dedication, endurance, and constancy. The
ability to follow through and stick with things is one of your greatest assets. Once your course is set, you pursue it
tenaciously until it is completed, stubbornly resisting any attempts to sway you from your purpose.

    You have a very practical nature and want to see concrete, tangible results for your efforts, and you are not one
for spinning wild dreams that are unlikely to come into fruition. Most of your "wild dreams" have to do with material
achievements, well-being, and security, for you have a great love of the physical world and you want to experience
and enjoy it to the full. Though you will work long and persistently, you also have a strong sensual and comfort-loving
side, and you want to enjoy what you have worked for. In fact, you can be enormously lazy at times and have a
tendency to overindulge in good food and other earthly pleasures. You also love the beauty of the natural world and
probably prefer a serene country setting rather than an urban life style.

    At heart your needs are simple and you are easy to please. You have a strong desire for security, stability, and
peace, and will rarely make changes unless you are forced to do so. You are not very demanding emotionally, though
you do crave lots of physical closeness and affection. Because of your faithfulness, emotional steadiness, and gentle
strength, others often depend upon you for support. Though you hate upheaval and sudden changes, you usually
maintain your poise and equanimity. You also have an innate sense of harmonizing with nature, allowing things to
grow and unfold in their own time, and the patience to nurture something into being - be it a garden, a child, or some
creative project. You make an excellent mother or father, especially if you follow your instincts more often than "the

    You have three major faults: one is your bull-headed obstinacy. The second is your unwillingness to deviate from
your safe, predictable routine. And the third is your tendency to always insist upon realism and undervalue the
imaginative, speculative, and fanciful - in other words, you lack the ability to play with ideas and possibilities, to open
your mind to the new.

Sun in 5th house:

     You have a very dramatic, creative, expressive nature and you love to perform. You enjoy being the center of
attention and you seek to shine, to excel, and to be outstanding in some unique way. You are very involved in your
own creativity and self-expression, and take great pleasure in developing and using your special talents, whether these
are artistic, athletic, or intellectual. You have a strong sense of pride.

Sun Conjunct Venus:

    You are loving and well-loved by others, and have a strong need for kindness, friendship, and affection. Your
artistic and creative powers are also well developed and you do everything in a harmonious, gracious, pleasing
manner. Aesthetics are very important to you. Your personal appearance and attractiveness are also very important
to you.

Sun Sextile Uranus:

    The unusual and unorthodox appeal to you, and you do not allow tradition, convention, or other people's
expectations dictate how you are going to live your life. You crave freedom, adventure, excitement, and discovery,
and are not afraid of change. You possess inventive and creative genius.

                  Chapter 3: Mental Interests and Abilities

Mercury in Taurus:

    Your mind operates in a very deliberate and methodical manner and you dislike being rushed or forced to give an
opinion before you have thoroughly ruminated and digested an idea. You are also difficult to influence once your mind
is made up.

    Though slower to grasp new concepts or learn new skills, you are patient and persevering and, in fact, often
become quite adept at whatever you put your mind and hand to, for you are willing to devote much time and attention
to it. You succeed not so much because of your mental brilliance, but because you have the ability to concentrate and
follow a project through to its completion. You have an aptitude for singing or drawing.

Mercury in 4th house:

     You have an introspective turn of mind and may enjoy keeping a journal or a record of your dreams and personal
experiences, or learning about psychology, history, and the inner workings and emotional foundations of your own
life. You are studious and something of a bookworm.

Mercury Sextile Mars:

    You speak clearly, decisively, and convincingly, and thoroughly enjoy a vigorous discussion or debate. You would
be an effective lawyer or public speaker, a salesman of ideas. Others tend to listen to you and follow your lead, and
you have a talent for directing people and making decisions. You also have an aptitude for writing, especially criticism
or satire.

Moon Conjunct Mercury:

    You are a natural psychologist or counselor, interested in the inner motivations, feelings, personal life, and
problems of others. You are a sympathetic listener and you also love to discuss (endlessly!) your own experiences
and feelings. You tend to be very personal and subjective in your point of view. You have a talent for getting others
to talk about their lives, dreams, desires, and other things that are personally meaningful to them. You could be an
excellent interviewer, reporter, or biographer. Idle talk and gossip are your vices.

    The study of the past - history, archeology, genealogy, etc. - is of great interest to you. Psychology, symbolism,
mythology, and languages are also areas that you are drawn to.

               Chapter 4: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Moon in Aries:

    Emotional outbursts are frequent with you due to your fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness. You express
yourself very directly and honestly and no one has to guess what your true feelings are. However, you dislike showing
any personal weaknesses or needs for support, comfort, and nurturing. You are often impatient with yourself and with
others. You abhor emotional dependency and dislike "complainers".

    You inspire others to take positive action in their lives by your own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's
challenges, and are attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous, and independent. You are rather bossy,
but you do not like to be with people that you can boss around too much. You enjoy a good fight sometimes.
Relationships built upon mutual respect and a good deal of emotional freedom are ideal for you.

    You become very cross if you do not have enough vigorous physical activity. You will feel your best if you "do
battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engage in some other competitive sport) frequently.

Moon in 4th house:

     You have strong attachments to your past, the place where you grew up, your heritage, and family traditions. In
fact, you may be unable to step out of the habits and roles you learned as a child. Your tie to your mother is very
strong and you also seek mothering and protection from your spouse and other family members as well.

Venus in Gemini:

    In love, you are more interested in a person's sense of humor and intelligence than in their physique. You like a
partner who is mentally alive and who keeps you guessing a little bit, and you become restless and bored with
someone who never asks questions, never changes or surprises you. Talking, sharing ideas, going places together,
and learning new things together is very important to your happiness. You need lots of social stimulation, are
something of a flirt, and like to have many friends of both sexes. A possessive, jealous partner is very stifling for you.

Venus in 5th house:

     You love romance and wish the honeymoon phase of your love affairs would last forever! You need dramatic
romantic gestures and displays of affection from your partner, and you want to feel very, very special, like a King or
Queen, to your beloved. You also have an artistic flair and enjoy creating art or beauty in some form.

            Chapter 5: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

Mars in Cancer:

    You avoid direct confrontation as much as possible and are uncomfortable with aggressiveness, competition, and
personal power. Your ego drive is not very strong and you are not especially ambitious or eager to push your way to
the top. You may feel inadequate in situations that call for strong, forceful action. The only instance in which you will
really fight is when you feel your loved ones, or something dear to you, is being harmed, for then you are a fierce
defender. You have a very strong protective side. You act on impulse and instinct and may lash out at anyone you
perceive as threatening to your home or family. However, you will rarely initiate a confrontation. Your goals also tend
to be very personal and centered around family closeness and inner satisfaction rather than worldly achievement.

    You are sensitive to stress and do not handle a high-pressured, competitive atmosphere very well. You are very
touchy, irritable, and difficult to live with when there are many demands or tensions at work. Your energy level is
inconstant and is very much dependent upon the emotional harmony (or lack of it) in your home. A supportive partner
is of great benefit to you in helping you achieve your goals and desires.

Mars in 7th house:

     You are attracted to feisty, dynamic, strong-willed people, and you seem to need a lot of fireworks in your
personal relationships. You can be very combative, or get involved with people who are. Ideally you will join with
people who are energetic and ambitious, but not too domineering or aggressive.

Mars Conjunct Pluto:

    When you want something, you go after it with passionate zeal and are sometimes so driven by your desire that
you lose all objectivity. You get so deeply involved in whatever you are pursuing that you become one-sided, even
fanatical. Strong-willed and stubborn, you insist on having your way no matter the cost. You are fascinated with
power. You often try to overpower anything or anyone you perceive as an obstacle, if not physically then by the
force of your will. You can be ruthless and impersonal when it comes to achieving your ambitions and goals in life.
You have enormous energy and are capable of extraordinary effort and great achievement. You can also become a
compulsive workaholic.

Mars Trine Saturn:

    You possess the gifts of endurance and perseverance, the willingness to work hard and seriously to achieve your
objectives. Once you decide you want something or make a commitment, you'll do it "even if it takes forever".
Self-discipline is natural to you and you instinctively realize that any creative achievement is "10% inspiration, 90%
perspiration". You choose practical, realistic goals and pursue them step-by-step in a well-planned, orderly way. You
like to concentrate on one thing at a time and do a thorough job. You enjoy working in solitude, and often feel your
best work is done when you are alone.

                     Chapter 6: Other Influences

Jupiter in Capricorn:

     You have an innate shrewdness, and the ability to develop a clear strategy and follow it carefully in order to reach
your goals. You also have a natural sense of order, structure, and self-discipline. You are likely to excel, both
because you are ambitious and because it is very important to you to do a professional job, no matter what field you
are in, or how humble the task.

Jupiter in 1st house:

     You have an optimistic outlook on life and to others you appear jovial, confident, and expansive. You do what
you can to be encouraging and helpful to other people, and your generosity and lack of pettiness makes you very

     Because you see yourself as a lucky person, you may feel that you can "get away with anything", without negative
consequences. You tend to go to excess and have little sense of moderation (or even caution, at times).

Jupiter Sextile Uranus:

     You are always open to the new, willing to plunge in and experiment with a fresh approach, and enthusiastic about
learning, growing, and expanding. As a result of this positive attitude, opportunities and unexpected good fortune are
drawn into your life. You embrace change, delight in discovery, and enjoy sharing your excitement with other people.
A sense of happy expectation and a sometimes outrageous sense of humor are two of your great gifts.

Saturn in Scorpio:

     You both yearn for, and fear, being emotionally vulnerable with others and experiencing deep emotional intimacy.
Trusting others and letting yourself be known in a deep way doesn't come easily to you, and sexual inhibitions may
result from this. You are very self-protective and may be compulsively secretive. Learning to relinquish control in
personal relationships, and to be completely open, are important tasks for you.

Saturn in 10th house:

     You are very conscientious, responsible, and concerned with your duty, your public image and reputation, and
becoming a person of stature in the world. You understand the need for hard work and careful planning in order to
accomplish anything substantial and you're capable of much self-discipline and patience once you set your sights on a

     But you are very judgmental and hard on yourself if you fail to attain success, and you can become dry, bitter, or
cynical if the world doesn't recognize your efforts.

Saturn Trine Pluto:

    You dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to a cause, sacrifice much, and eliminate all superfluous activities and
interests. Others find your approach too severe and are unwilling to go along with you in the difficult circumstances
that you are willing to tolerate. Your determination and capacity for self-denial often help you get through the rough
spots to the goal you are striving for.

Uranus in Pisces:

    You are part of a 7 year group of people who are very creative in the arts, music, literature, and philosophy. Your
age group draws upon some new inspirations and has a talent for weaving many seemingly disparate styles into a
new, refreshing synthesis. Much of the creative inspiration of your period is very refined and sensitive, and some of
the greatest artistic and literary works of your generation will receive full recognition only after many decades have
passed. You are a group that is primarily concerned with the quality of your creative endeavor rather than its
distribution and marketing.

Uranus in 2nd house:

     You have a reckless, impulsive, or very unconventional attitude toward money, material things, and ownership.
Above all, you do not want to be possessed by your possessions. The obligations of owning things are likely to feel
oppressive to you.

     Also, you may make your money in a field that is unconventional, highly unstable, or very inventive and innovative.
Your fortunes are likely to fluctuate widely throughout your life.

Neptune in Leo:

    You are part of a 14 year group of people that have a very vivid and colorful imagination. A love of color, fashion,
and drama is very strong. Your generation gave tremendous impetus and growth to Hollywood movies and other
spectacular arts. Most people of your age group have many fantasies and naive, starry-eyed ideas about movie stars
and other idols. Needless to say, this tendency to idolize someone can lead to big disappointments and those of you
who married early in life projected your fantasies on your spouse, and had to gradually face the realities as you

Neptune in 8th house:

     You have a very active imagination and powerful fantasies. You may develop an interest in the supernatural,
psychic phenomena, or occult subjects. You may have strange fantasies and/or nebulous fears of "ghosts", "the astral
plane", or death. It's better for you not to dabble in such areas unless you are thoroughly grounded in the practical
world as well.

Pluto in Cancer:

    You are part of a 25 year group of people who have strong feelings for home and country. You are a sentimental
group, and feel deeply attached to your family and your country. You cling to the familiar, are distrustful and fearful of
different cultures, and consequently a great deal of racial and ethnic prejudice is common among your age group.

    Your need for closeness and togetherness runs very deep and causes you to bond closely to family members and
old friends, and also makes you prone to be involved in mass movements and group activities because they feed your
largely subconscious need for acceptance and support by others. Unfortunately, your age group is easily carried
away by a group frenzy and many of you often lack the integrity or courage to think and act in an independent and
rational way.

    Your generation is very emotional and tenderhearted. Many of your group sacrificed a great deal to help your
children or other family members, while other generations are unwilling to give as much as you have. Your tender
feelings and regard for the well-being of others can spur your age group to make contributions towards the feeding of
the hungry, care for the neglected, and support for the needy, particularly children and mothers. You are a group of
people with a strong heart and a helpful hand. Many of you have parents and/or children who are not nearly as
supportive and helpful; many of your contributions are not completely appreciated or even go unnoticed.

Pluto in 7th house:

     Emotional intensity, compulsive attraction, and a sense of fate or destiny characterize your one-to-one
relationships. It's as if you simply cannot have light, superficial relationships; they are inevitably profound, intense
experiences which reveal your depths to you. You may be drawn to powerful, charismatic, willful people that
challenge, thwart, and ultimately evoke your own power and strengths. Your marriage is likely to be the arena for
your greatest growth.


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