Major Life Themes Chart for The Iron Sheik

                     March 15, 1943
                        Tehran, Iran

Planet Positions:
Sun     24 Pis 14               Saturn   6 Gem 52
Moon    14 Can 53               Uranus   1 Gem 08
Mercury  7 Pis 14               Neptune  0 Lib 52
Venus   22 Ari 24               Pluto    5 Leo 10
Mars     5 Aqu 22               N. Node 24 Leo 41
Jupiter 15 Can 12



Sun-Mars-Uranus 140th Harmonic  (140=5x7x4)

You are dynamic, sometimes impatient, and you often experience bursts of energy. These qualities can make you successful in sports or any area that requires fast reflexes and spontaneity. You are courageous, but be careful to not go to such extremes that you are foolhardy, as this inclines to mishaps and accidents.


Mercury-Venus-Saturn 8th Harmonic

You have an aptitude for artistic design and geometry. You also have a knack for understanding what is really on a
person's mind, and what is important to them. You have a good foundation in simple and lasting values and you are a
responsible, mature person.

Uranus Conjunct Sun/Pluto 1 deg 26 min

You are a free-spirit and an independent person. You are on a mission to do things in a new, creative way. Before
you tear down old walls, make sure that the new wall you plan to build is really a better one. If you think things
through carefully, you truly can break new ground, open new doors, invent and create something unique.

Neptune Opposition Mercury/Venus 1 deg 04 min

You can be successful in an artistic area. Your great imagination and ability to understand and formulate artistic ideas
are big assets. You also are good at interpreting and understanding fictional literature and poetry.

Mars Opposition Saturn/Neptune 1 deg 30 min

In the long run, you will find that a career that emphasizes sales and marketing rather than real service will depress,
frustrate, and exhaust you. Deep within yourself you are seeking greater meaningfulness in your work. You are able
to sacrifice for a worthy cause and you are able to work long hours with little recognition if you feel that the service
you provide is really meaningful.

Uranus Opposition Mars/Neptune 2 deg 00 min

You do things with greater creativity and originality than others. You dislike doing a task in an ordinary manner; you
prefer to improvise and embellish whatever you do. Your energy level may be erratic with bursts of energy followed
by lethargy. Involve yourself in areas where your originality and imagination are rewarded, avoid stimulants, and try to
maintain a balanced, healthy lifestyle.



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