Elvis Presley Birth Chart

                   Natal Report for Elvis Presley
                        January 8, 1935
                           4:35 AM
                        Tupelo, Mississippi

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     17 Cap 14               Pluto    25 Can 08
Moon     2 Pis 01               N. Node   1 Aqu 08
Mercury 22 Cap 18               Asc.     12 Sag 22
Venus   29 Cap 22               MC       26 Vir 50
Mars    12 Lib 50               2nd cusp 14 Cap 50
Jupiter 18 Sco 04               3rd cusp 21 Aqu 21
Saturn  25 Aqu 45               5th cusp 26 Ari 39
Uranus  27 Ari 30               6th cusp 21 Tau 00
Neptune 14 Vir 27


         Chapter 1: How You Approach Life and How You Appear To Others

Sagittarius Rising:

    High-spirited, enthusiastic, and exuberant, you love adventure, change, exploring new territory, and are not happy
confined to the same safe, familiar, secure little world all the time. You have a strong restlessness and yearning for
something greater than anything you've yet experienced, and you often live in your dreams and visions for the future.
You tend to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else and you like to keep moving, either literally or
figuratively. Idealistic and optimistic, you always expect something better ahead. You love to have a goal, something
to aim for, but once you achieve it you are on to something else. You are ever on the lookout for new opportunities
and you are a gambler, willing to take risks and to break new ground. The possibility of discovering something new is
what makes life interesting for you. You have great faith in life and bounce back quickly from disappointment and

    Freedom-loving and independent, you cannot tolerate being caged for very long, and friends and loved ones must
respect your need for freedom of movement. Binding commitments and responsibilities often weigh heavily upon you
and you may resist "growing up" and taking on the limitations of adult life.

    You are friendly and outgoing and have a great sense of fun and playfulness. You are also philosophically minded
and often quite outspoken about your convictions and beliefs. Sometimes you get carried away with your enthusiasm
of the moment and you tend to exaggerate. You are often a big talker, full of big promises, and you are usually pretty
convincing. You do everything in a big way, a generous way. You like to have the best, and you heartily dislike
stinginess, littleness, or pettiness. Your vision is always large. You are able to perceive the big picture, general
patterns and principles, and are well suited to politics, business, higher education or religion.

    Other people see you as a good sport and a good friend, but one who is not always consistent and dependable.
You may also be seen as a wise person since you do not get bogged down in pettiness and trivialities, and are able to
communicate a larger way of looking at situations, one that opens up new potentials. You are a person who believes
in miracles, grace, or just plain good luck, someone who never gives up on life, and you inspire and encourage others
to keep looking forward.

               Chapter 2: The Inner You: Your Real Motivation

Sun in Capricorn:

    Serious, disciplined, and quietly ambitious, you are driven to prove yourself and to achieve material
accomplishments and success. Your work, your position in the world, and your contributions to society are very
important to you. You will persevere through enormous hardship and frustration in order to reach a goal you have set
for yourself, and you often sacrifice much in the area of personal relationships and home life in order to do so.

    You have a thoughtful, quiet, and self-contained disposition and do not readily show your inner feelings and needs.
You seem to be always in control, capable, efficient, and strong. You are often the person in the family or group who
is given more responsibility (and more work) than the others. You are highly conscientious and even as a child you
possessed a maturity, soberness, and worldly wisdom that was most unchildlike.

    You are basically a pragmatic realist, and though you may have all sorts of dreams, ideals and colorful theories,
you feel that the ultimate test of a concept is its practical usefulness. You have an innate shrewdness and business
sense, and there is a bit of the cynic in you as well.

    You are clear-headed, detached and objective, and are not swayed by emotional dramatics. Often you are
authoritarian - strictly fair, but without mercy. You have a great respect for tradition and even if you do not agree with
certain laws, you will abide by them or work to change them, but never flagrantly disregard them. Careful and
conservative, you play by the rules.

    You are subtle, understated, quiet, deep, not easy to know intimately, and never superficial. You are a modest
person and sometimes overly self-critical. Giving yourself (and others) permission to feel, to play, to be spontaneous
and silly, and to be weak and vulnerable sometimes, isn't easy for you.

    Your strong points are your depth and thoroughness, patience, tenacity, and faithfulness. Your faults are a
tendency to be rigid and inflexible, and too serious.

Sun in 2nd house:

     Ownership gives you a sense of security, and you have a strong attachment to your possessions. You also have a
natural instinct or understanding of economics, finance, trade, and appraising the value of merchandise.

Sun Conjunct Mercury:

    You tend to see things from your perspective only and to be rather subjective. You also enjoy talking and
expressing your views but you don't always listen as well. You have a clear mind, a love of learning and new
experiences, and need constant mental stimulation and activity.

Sun Square Mars:

    You are direct, energetic, sometimes aggressive and combative. You often feel that you need to fight to get what
you want and you tend to have a "me-first" attitude that angers or irritates others. You are hasty, restless, impatient,
and sometimes reckless.

Sun Trine Neptune:

    You are imaginative and sensitive to anything colorful, beautiful, or magical. You are attracted to artistic and
creative pursuits, music, and mysticism. Your spiritual values color your whole perspective and approach to life. You
are idealistic and perhaps impractical.

Sun Sextile Jupiter:

    You have big aspirations but do not struggle or labor to achieve them. Your self-confidence and inner harmony
attract success and benefits to you in an almost magical way. Your optimism and cheerful generosity also win you
many allies and successes in life.

                  Chapter 3: Mental Interests and Abilities

Mercury in Capricorn:

    Clear, objective, and realistic, you are unimpressed by exaggerated claims or promises. You insist upon being
shown facts to back up any statement you hear, and your natural skepticism often borders on cynicism. You
approach problems clearly and rationally and maintain your poise and objectivity even in the midst of critical
situations. Anyone seeking your advice is certain to get an unemotional and unbiased assessment of their situation,
and you therefore make a good arbitrator or judge. You are thorough, conscientious, and disciplined in your thinking,
and have an aptitude for business, organization, and administration. You are also a good strategist, and will plan and
patiently follow a realistic course which will lead to your eventual success. Serious-minded and studious, you enjoy
quiet time alone for thinking or reading.

Mercury in 2nd house:

     Your mental skills and intelligence are directed toward practical matters, and you are interested in the tangible
effects of any abstract idea or concept. You are very interested in finance, economics, and moneymaking strategies.

Mercury Opposition Pluto:

    Never satisfied with the face value of anything, you are always probing beneath the surface for deeper reasons and
hidden motives - though you rarely reveal your own. You have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You mind is
penetrating and deep and you have an aptitude for research, investigative reporting, or private investigation. You are
keenly interested in the deeper aspects of the human psyche, with a sort of "x-ray vision" regarding the inner
motivations and intentions of others. You are drawn to anything secret, hidden, or mysterious, and may pursue
esoteric or occult studies. You are also a forceful and convincing speaker or writer, with the ability to influence
peoples' thinking by the sheer power of your conviction.

               Chapter 4: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Moon in Pisces:

    Tenderhearted and sympathetic to an unusual degree, you have an understanding of other people's feelings and
needs which borders on being telepathic. You are extremely compassionate and cannot bear to see any fellow
creature - be it human or animal - suffer. Because of your kindness and nonjudgmental attitude, people in pain or
confusion are drawn to you for help, which you readily give. Sometimes your softheartedness is taken advantage of.

    You are a gentle, poetic soul and have a great love and affinity for music. Because many of your feelings are
nebulous and vague and you cannot easily verbalize how you experience life, music seems a natural language for you.
You are also tremendously romantic and are often "in love with love".

Moon in 3rd house:

     You often make decisions solely for emotional or personal reasons, because something "feels right" or because
you've always done it a certain way and you are uncomfortable changing it. Even when you think you're being
rational, your prejudices, intuitions, and feelings influence your thoughts a great deal. You are comfortable talking
about feelings and personal subjects, and sharing confidences, which enables others to express their own inner
feelings with you as well. You have good psychological insight into others.

Moon Conjunct Saturn:

    Serious and emotionally reserved, you were probably never an exuberant, playful child, and you rarely express
yourself in a spontaneous, childlike manner. You are cautious about letting others get close to you and sometimes
withdraw from people altogether. At times, even when you are with people, you feel lonely or isolated. Learning to
appreciate your own company and to find satisfying solitary activities is essential to your emotional well-being.

Venus in Capricorn:

    You are definitely not one to wear your heart on your sleeve. You care very much about others' opinions and
crave love and appreciation as much as anyone, but one would never know it from your reserved and seemingly
detached appearance. Casual, superficial relationships don't interest you at all. You are cautious and serious about
love and really desire a deep, genuine, lasting love. You are old-fashioned about courtship and love, and will remain
faithful to your loved one in good times and in bad.

    You may be attracted to persons older than yourself, someone who is emotionally mature and reliable and who
can provide the security you desire.

Venus in 2nd house:

     For you, caring and affection must be expressed tangibly, and you love giving and receiving gifts. You value
luxury, comfort, and elegance very highly and appreciate beautiful things. You can be self-indulgent and extravagant.
Being overly possessive of people you love and of your belongings is something you need to beware of.

Venus Opposition Pluto:

    You experience powerful, compelling emotional and sexual attractions, and you may feel that you have little choice
or control over your desires. You have an intense need for love and may be emotionally greedy or insatiable. Your
love life is passionate and often tumultuous and painful as well. Jealousy, power struggles, or over-possessiveness can
become areas of conflict in your relationships. Positively, you can be unusually creative and bring about beneficial and
healing changes in the lives of others, motivated by your deeply felt love.

Venus Square Uranus:

    Your love feelings are easily aroused and your romantic relationships begin with a sudden electric attraction, but
they often end abruptly, and you may be in and out of love frequently - especially in your younger years. You crave
emotional excitement and need to feel spontaneous and free, so you may avoid making firm personal commitments.
Unusual or nontraditional forms of love and relationships appeal to you, and you are attracted to unique, creative, or
unstable people.

            Chapter 5: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

Mars in Libra:

    You seesaw between being too pushy, confrontational, and insistent on doing things your way, and being too eager
to please, without a clear, definite goal of your own. You strive for a balance between acting independently and
assertively - and working cooperatively and interdependently with others. You may feel frustrated at times that you
cannot simply do what YOU want to, that you must always accommodate the needs and desires of others. Or you
may feel hesitant to act in a positive, assertive manner if you do not have the support and approval of other people.
Either way, you are not a loner. You achieve your goals by collaborating and joining forces with others, by being a
team player. You are very concerned with the concept of fairness and become quite indignant and vocal if you sense
someone is being taken advantage of. You avoid extremism and favor a balanced, moderate approach to living. You
are unlikely to push yourself too hard or to become fanatically driven to reach your goals.

Mars in 10th house:

     You are likely to be known for your drive, energy, ambition, and competitive spirit. A successful career based on
your ability to take initiative, be a leader, or excel in physical strength and prowess is likely. You most definitely want
to be a winner and will work hard to achieve that.

                     Chapter 6: Other Influences

Jupiter in Scorpio:

     Your strength lies in your unwillingness to settle for superficiality or shallowness in any area of your life. You are
unafraid of going to extremes and experiencing the depths. The mysterious and the unknown are very attractive to
you. Your intuitive understanding of others' inner drives and motivations is highly developed also.

Jupiter in 11th house:

     You have good fortune working with groups, organizations, and others who share your ideals. You go further if
you unite your efforts with others, as in clubs, networks, or civic associations. Social improvement, or benefiting your
community is very important to you.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

     You have a great, wide-open sense of possibilities which allows extraordinary, even miraculous events to come
into your life. A sense of divine grace, of being part of the flow of the universe, of communing with celestial realms or
Beings, are all very natural to you. At the same time, you're not apt to go to extremes or lose your sense of
perspective. You are also quite altruistic and giving, and ready to aid less fortunate people. A sense of gratitude and
spiritual wealth is one of your finest attributes.

Saturn in Aquarius:

     You have an innate distrust of groups and/or a cynical attitude toward society that may leave you feeling out of
step and unable to participate in activities with your peers. Overcoming a sense of aloofness and alienation from
others is an important task for you.

Saturn in 3rd house:

     You are serious-minded and may have difficulty making light social conversation or participating in friendly,
personal interchanges.

     You try to be strictly accurate and are critical of people who exaggerate or talk on subjects they really know little
about. You withhold your thoughts and opinions until you have thought everything through quite thoroughly, and
sometimes your silence discomforts others.

     Your mental concentration is very good but your breadth of understanding may not be.

Saturn Sextile Uranus:

     In meeting your challenges and difficulties in life, you do have allies: your ability to tolerate tension and
ambivalence, your ability to compromise, and a capacity to endure discomfort. Remaining steady in the midst of crisis
or sudden change is an aspect of this, as well as knowing when to wait and when to make necessary changes. Your
timing is usually good.

Uranus in Aries:

    You are part of a 7 year group of people who are highly independent, self-reliant, self-willed, and rebellious. You
are a rowdy bunch and your generation broke many time-honored traditions and customs. Your age group pioneered
many new ideas that remained fashionable for many years; for example, rock 'n' roll was introduced by people of
your age group.

Uranus in 5th house:

     You are uninhibited and have an outrageous, crazy sense of humor. You love to get loose and you're often
impulsive or "wild". Even if you appear conventional, you are attracted to highly eccentric, creative, or unusual
companions. In romance, you are happiest when there is an element of surprise, unpredictability, and adventure. You
may choose unstable love partners.

Uranus Square Pluto:

    You were also born during a period that lasted approximately 5 years and is characterized by extreme restlessness
and an impatient, dynamic attitude towards life. You are part of a group of people who can be explosive and even
violent in their reactions to situations. You do not tolerate being restricted, and your age group rebels with force and
anger against oppressive situations.

Neptune in Virgo:

    You are part of a 14 year group of people who are conservative and moderate in spiritual aspirations. Your age
group tends to avoid speculation on metaphysical matters, and interest in psychic phenomena is considered very
strange and weird by your age group. There is also a strong sense of right and wrong, and religious practices tend to
emphasize ethics and moral judgment. The conservative, straight-laced atmosphere generated by your age group is
frustrating to more imaginative types, who consequently rebelled against it.

Neptune in 9th house:

     You love to dream, fantasize, and speculate. You are willing to entertain the most far fetched ideas and
philosophies, since to you anything is possible.

     Anything exotic, alien, or faraway holds a great attraction for you. You can have very otherworldly beliefs which
are quite impractical and irrelevant to your everyday existence.

Pluto in Cancer:

    You are part of a 25 year group of people who have strong feelings for home and country. You are a sentimental
group, and feel deeply attached to your family and your country. You cling to the familiar, are distrustful and fearful of
different cultures, and consequently a great deal of racial and ethnic prejudice is common among your age group.

    Your need for closeness and togetherness runs very deep and causes you to bond closely to family members and
old friends, and also makes you prone to be involved in mass movements and group activities because they feed your
largely subconscious need for acceptance and support by others. Unfortunately, your age group is easily carried
away by a group frenzy and many of you often lack the integrity or courage to think and act in an independent and
rational way.

    Your generation is very emotional and tenderhearted. Many of your group sacrificed a great deal to help your
children or other family members, while other generations are unwilling to give as much as you have. Your tender
feelings and regard for the well-being of others can spur your age group to make contributions towards the feeding of
the hungry, care for the neglected, and support for the needy, particularly children and mothers. You are a group of
people with a strong heart and a helpful hand. Many of you have parents and/or children who are not nearly as
supportive and helpful; many of your contributions are not completely appreciated or even go unnoticed.

Pluto in 8th house:

     You are a person of great depth and have a deep interest in the hidden or darker side of life. Issues and
experiences others shun, you are drawn to and compelled to examine. The use and misuse of personal, social, and
political power intrigues you. Death is also an area you are fascinated with and may explore in depth. You may have
many experiences in which you are forced to burn your bridges and start over again.



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