Justin Bieber Astrology Report

           Natal Astrology Report for Justin Bieber
                         March 14, 1994
                (Precise birth time not known)
                     Stratford, Ontario, Canada

Calculated for:
Standard time,   Time Zone 5 hours West
Latitude: 43 N 22        Longitude: 80 W 57   

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun     23 Pis 53               Saturn   5 Pis 22
Moon    20 Ari 25               Uranus  25 Cap 26
Mercury 26 Aqu 40               Neptune 22 Cap 53
Venus    7 Ari 36               Pluto   28 Sco 01
Mars     5 Pis 42               N. Node 25 Sco 31
Jupiter 14 Sco 21

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               Chapter 1: Justin Bieber General Personality Characteristics

Justin Bieber Sun in Pisces:

    At heart you are very gentle, impressionable, and receptive - a dreamer. The world of your imagination, feelings,
and intuition is as real to you as anything in the outer world, though you may have trouble verbalizing or interpreting
your inner experiences in a way others can understand. Mystical, artistic, musical, emotional and imaginative, you
have a rich inner life, though you may seem rather unobtrusive and quiet outwardly. You usually keep to yourself.

    You have great sensitivity and empathy with others, and you often sense things psychically or intuitively which
prove to be correct. You are tolerant, forgiving, and nonjudgmental, accepting people unconditionally regardless of
their flaws, mistakes, or outward appearance. You have deep compassion for the suffering of any fellow creature and
often feel others' pain as if it were your own. You sympathize with the needy, the disadvantaged, the misfits of
society. You are capable of giving selflessly, living a life of devoted and compassionate service to others, as a healer,
physician, social worker, or minister. However, you tend to give indiscriminately, to let others take advantage of your
kindness, and to encourage the weak to remain so by becoming dependent upon you. You have little sense of
boundaries, of limits, of knowing when to say "no". Moderation and self-discipline are not your strong points.

    You are a lover and a peace-maker rather than a fighter, and you try to avoid open conflict. You will patiently
ignore or "tune out" problems and hope they will go away by themselves, rather than directly confronting them, and
you tend to lack the positive fighting spirit that is sometimes necessary to overcome challenges. You are fluid, open,
nonresistant, and somewhat passive. You do things in a subtle, often covert, manner.

    Your gifts may also lie in the realm of the creative, artistic, or musical, for you have a great sensitivity, inspiration,
and limitless imagination. You respond very strongly to beauty and to love.

    Your faults include a tendency to be lazy and negligent, and to wallow in self-pity rather than taking strong, definite
action to change your life for the better. You also tend to become so detached from your immediate environment that
you live in a disorderly, chaotic sort of hodgepodge, though this probably bothers those around you more than it
bothers you.

Justin Bieber Sun Trine Pluto:

    You have a deep belief in your own power and your ability to survive any change and to emerge victoriously from
any difficulty. You have tremendous inner resources and strength. Intense, strong willed, and zealous, you pursue
your desires and goals with complete dedication and singleness of purpose, and you may be somewhat compulsive,
even fanatical at times. You like to live intensely and have no respect for people who are weak, who avoid
confronting life and their own destiny.

Justin Bieber Sun Sextile Uranus:

    The unusual and unorthodox appeal to you, and you do not allow tradition, convention, or other people's
expectations dictate how you are going to live your life. You crave freedom, adventure, excitement, and discovery,
and are not afraid of change. You possess inventive and creative genius.

Justin Bieber Sun Sextile Neptune:

    You are imaginative and sensitive to anything colorful, beautiful, or magical. You are attracted to artistic and
creative pursuits, music, and mysticism. Your spiritual values color your whole perspective and approach to life. You
are idealistic and perhaps impractical.

                  Chapter 2: Justin Bieber Mental Interests and Abilities

Justin Bieber Mercury in Aquarius:

    You are a progressive thinker, open and receptive to new technologies and breakthroughs in science, and the
latest discoveries in any field. You have high expectations and a deep belief that mankind's problems can be solved
through the use of our creative intelligence and inventive mind. You have no patience for those whose conservative,
unimaginative outlook limits their capacity to find solutions and envision a better future. You also like to keep abreast
of current developments in world affairs, for you instinctively know that what happens in one part of the world affects
everyone. You have a strong humanitarian impulse. Practically speaking, you have an aptitude for organization and
enjoy being involved in cooperative endeavors or businesses that are contemporary and innovative.

Justin Bieber Mercury Square Pluto:

    Never satisfied with the face value of anything, you are always probing beneath the surface for deeper reasons and
hidden motives - though you rarely reveal your own. You have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You mind is
penetrating and deep and you have an aptitude for research, investigative reporting, or private investigation. You are
keenly interested in the deeper aspects of the human psyche, with a sort of "x-ray vision" regarding the inner
motivations and intentions of others. You are drawn to anything secret, hidden, or mysterious, and may pursue
esoteric or occult studies. You are also a forceful and convincing speaker or writer, with the ability to influence
peoples' thinking by the sheer power of your conviction.

               Chapter 3: Justin Bieber Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Justin Bieber Moon in Aries:

    Emotional outbursts are frequent with you due to your fiery temper and emotional impulsiveness. You express
yourself very directly and honestly and no one has to guess what your true feelings are. However, you dislike showing
any personal weaknesses or needs for support, comfort, and nurturing. You are often impatient with yourself and with
others. You abhor emotional dependency and dislike "complainers".

    You inspire others to take positive action in their lives by your own enthusiasm and eagerness to meet life's
challenges, and are attracted to people who are adventurous, courageous, and independent. You are rather bossy,
but you do not like to be with people that you can boss around too much. You enjoy a good fight sometimes.
Relationships built upon mutual respect and a good deal of emotional freedom are ideal for you.

    You become very cross if you do not have enough vigorous physical activity. You will feel your best if you "do
battle" on the tennis or racquetball court (or engage in some other competitive sport) frequently.

Justin Bieber Moon Square Neptune:

    You are a dreamer, attracted to the inner, mystical side of life, and may have trouble distinguishing the real from the
imagined or illusory. You do not enjoy confrontation and become very evasive when problems in your personal life
arise, escaping into your imagination in order to avoid dealing with them directly. You are also rather gullible and
naive about people, especially if your sympathy has been aroused. You are very sensitive to music and can use it to
bring yourself into emotional balance and harmony.

Justin Bieber Venus in Aries:

    Your love feelings and desires are easily aroused but it may be difficult to sustain your romantic interest in a
relationship after the initial, exciting "chase and conquest". You enjoy a partner who is dynamic and alive, someone
with a strong independent streak, and you do not like things to become too peaceful or predictable in the love arena.
You want to see sparks fly once in awhile, even if that means instigating a fight.

            Chapter 4: Justin Bieber Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

Justin Bieber Mars in Pisces:

    You are noncombative, noncompetitive, and something of a pacifist. You will give something up rather than fight
for it. You may seem weak-willed or ineffectual, for you do not have a strong ego drive for personal achievement and
material advantage, or for winning at the expense of someone else. Being first, being best, being on top doesn't mean
much to you, and you can be quite happy in a supporting role, working for the benefit of others or for a cause that
you believe in. You are gentle and impressionable and are motivated by less mundane and less tangible things than
most other people. You may have difficulty formulating clear, definite goals for yourself and making your way in the
world. You have many dreams, high ideals, and a strong mystical or religious impulse. You also have a creative
imagination and can successfully apply yourself to art or music. You have a sensitive physique and need to maintain
good regular health habits in order build strength and stamina.

Justin Bieber Mars Conjunct Saturn:

    You are very serious about reaching your goals and feel that keeping your nose to the grindstone is the only way to
do it. Hard work, persistent effort, and concentration upon a single objective are the ways you achieve your aims in
life. You exercise great self-control, even self-denial, in order to accomplish what you desire. You meet obstacles
stoically and will struggle patiently through difficult circumstances. You feel that you must rely on yourself alone, that
it's all on your shoulders, and you can be a harsh disciplinarian, expecting far too much from yourself and others.
Often you hold yourself back, doubting your own power and ability. You may feel that you meet great resistance
whenever you try to assert yourself or take initiative, and that is very frustrating to you. However, you have the power
of endurance and a dogged determination to overcome all obstacles.

                     Chapter 5: Justin Bieber Other Influences

Justin Bieber Jupiter in Scorpio:

     Your strength lies in your unwillingness to settle for superficiality or shallowness in any area of your life. You are
unafraid of going to extremes and experiencing the depths. The mysterious and the unknown are very attractive to
you. Your intuitive understanding of others' inner drives and motivations is highly developed also.

Justin Bieber Saturn in Pisces:

     You often have a sense of longing or homesickness for something you cannot name or specify, and you may have
both a great attraction toward, and fear of, mysticism and parapsychology.

     Overcoming feelings of fear, guilt, anxiety, loneliness, or oversensitivity is an important task for you.

Justin Bieber Uranus in Capricorn:

    You are part of a 7 year group of people who are active in reforming businesses, governments, and other large
social structures. A great deal of streamlining and reorganizing takes place, most of which will help to improve the
well-being of people, the ultimate goal of these reforms. Your generation will promote various reforms that will vary in
different nations. For example, some will increase socialization of public services and others will put more services in
the hands of private industry. In either case, your generation strives for greater efficiency and a great deal of waste is
eliminated from industry and government.

Justin Bieber Uranus Conjunct Neptune:

    You were also born during a period that lasted approximately 5 years and is characterized by an unusually high
degree of imagination and sensitivity. You are part of a group of people who are very inspired but also unstable.
Many unusual contributions to the arts, music, religion, and psychic development are brought forth from your age
group. These works are often strange and bizarre, and always original. Your age group also inspires intense political
movements that are often fanatical or unreasonable in their goals.

Justin Bieber Uranus Sextile Pluto:

     You belong to a group of people who will be the positive reformers and innovators in society. Peaceful methods
and new techniques which do not create too much disruption, but which bring about fundamental and profound
changes in society, will be your contribution.

Justin Bieber Neptune in Capricorn:

    You are part of a 14 year group of people who are conservative and traditional in spiritual aspirations and religious
outlook. Your age group returns to some traditional basics in religion, and also traditional styles in music and art.
Classical music and literature have a revival with your age group, and a great deal of inspiration is gained from the
masters of arts, music, literature, and philosophy throughout history. Your age group is contemplative and reflective
about religious matters and you take an objective and logical approach to religious issues. Many of you are cynics
and critics of spiritual and metaphysical ideas.

    Other age groups criticize your group for not having enough heart and compassion. Sometimes this is true and is
evidenced by some unusually crafty and manipulative fraud and deception that occurs in the higher ranks of
governments and large businesses.

Justin Bieber Pluto in Scorpio:

    You are part of a 12 year group of people who have a complex and deep emotional side. Your age group has a
great fascination for the mysteries of life, and members of your age group will make extraordinary breakthroughs in
the understanding of life processes; major advances in biological sciences will open up new technological possibilities.
Intensive probing into genetic structure and cellular processes will accelerate genetic engineering into new vistas. Your
generation also probes the mysteries of birth and death, and members of your age group will even develop
laboratories for forging new understanding of what happens at birth and death. Other breakthroughs will be made in
the understanding of animal behavior and sexual activity. Archeological studies will unearth vast new insights into the
history of man, and the exploration of the ocean will receive a new impetus, spurred by unusual and interesting
findings made at the bottom of the sea.

    Behind all of this work is the deep, probing, penetrating interest in the mysterious. There is a deep fascination with
sex, power, and the occult as well. Hypnosis, karate, and other mental and physical training techniques are likely to
be very popular with your age group. The love of mystery is also likely to bring a revival of mystery novels and
movies; your age group will bring the macabre into current fashion and style.

    You are an emotionally complex group, and you can be prone to some very strange behavior. Intrigue and mystery
are exciting to your age group, and hopefully this does not get the better of you, causing you to act in a cruel or
grotesque manner. There is a chance that crime, violence, and emotional disturbance will be relatively high in your age
group, but hopefully your interest in the mysterious, strange, grotesque, and macabre will not manifest in this way.


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