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Thanks for stopping by ♥ Scroll down for more information on the spiritual session of your choice. Mojan has specially chosen her most favorite readings to share with you in a private phone consultation.  All readings are available in 60 or 90 minute sessions. You will receive Mojan's calendar to select your session date and time shortly after purchase via email, please respond with a photo of yourself and anyone else you would like Mojan to connect with.



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Session Length 60 or 90 minutes: booking for july/aug 2024

Private Session


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Your Benevolent Spirit Guides and Angels are making a comeback! Even though they have never left our sides. They're the subtle whispers in your heart, the beautiful images in your mind. Have you ever wanted a message from your personal Guardian Angel? Angel readings are amazingly accurate because the messages come from those that know you best, and stand by you. This reading can help you discover what your life purpose is, whether someone is your soul mate or not, what to do about your finances and living situations, as well as how to deal with major crises. Our Angel's purpose is to love, guide, and protect us - always holding our best interest at heart.



Wouldn't it be great to feel free and vital like we did as children? The inner child experience deals with reading the past, present, and future simultaneously, which is a wonderful way to reconnect us with our deep, mysterious shadow side qualities, and awaken our spiritual essence. The method for an Inner Child and Shadow Session is varied by the individuals needs. The focus of this session is to expand our intuition to become fully spiritually and emotionally empowered individuals, altering our life circumstances for the better. Understanding forgotten painful experiences as a youth is essential to our growth and evolution and help guide us towards clarity, wisdom, vitality, love, accountability, forgiveness & peaceful well-being.




Have you ever noticed certain 2 or 3-digit patterns everywhere you look? Coincidence? Absolutely not!

Numerology is perhaps the easiest of the mystical arts to understand and use. All that is needed is your birth date, and Mojan can unlock all of the secrets that numbers hold. Confirm the meaning behind why these numbers are attracted to you and your life. Discover your lucky numbers and make them work for you, too.




We can balance having a positive mind, body, and soul by keeping our chakras in alignment. Our 7 "soul centers" are connected to the infinite loving energy that lives in all of us. It's about capturing that same state of mind where you can master your Universe. This method is as wonderfully unique and precious as you are. (Feel free to ask Mojan about the the 8th, 9th and 10th chakra)




Do you ever get the feeling that you are repeating the same mistakes or decisions? In some cases, this is a pattern you have brought along from a previous life, and it may be wise for you to take a deeper look in to this script. You will intuitively know if you need this reading. Take a journey through time and space to discover yourself from a previous life.




Let's just take it for what it is! All psychic messages that are intended to be delivered to you come forward with compassion and love!




If you are the listener, then Mojan is the radio, and your loved one is the DJ. Hear what comes through the airwaves.




To see or not to see? Either way, we all have an aura.

Auras vary, showing many different colors - vibrant and muted. Your colors can change depending on factors like mood, life cycle, being in love or not. You enhance and change your color according to your own personal belief system and what you need. One thing holds true: the brighter the better. Mojan has very simple yet effective methods and tools of clearing and cleansing your energy field that you can use daily!