Bath Salts, Aura and Chakra Cleansing Spray Healing Properties and Ingredients


Aura Healing Cleansing


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NOTE: Healing Baths also contain some or all of the following essential oils and flower essences:




Organic Jasmine Oil Healing Properties: Self Love, Twin Flames, Reduces Stress and Balance Depression









Organic Lavender Oil Healing Properties: Decrease Anxiety, Aids with Irritability, Helpful for Panic Attacks and Stress, Angel and Guides Assistance







Organic Rose Oil Healing Properties: Romantic Love, Astral Spirit Protection, Emotional Balance, Shyness, Happiness and Peace







Organic Clary Sage Oil Healing Properties: Spiritual Protection, Balances Fear and Releases Anger







 Organic Sandalwood OilHealing Properties: Ignites Self Confidence, Courage and Strength




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Organic Cedarwood OilHealing Properties: Releasing Fear, Insecurity and Stress 



 Eucalyptus OilHealing Properties: Health, Mental Calm & Staying Grounded 





 Organic Myrrh OilHealing Properties: Emotional Balance, Creativity and Loneliness




Organic Grapefruit Oil Healing Properties: Calming Nerves, Divine Light Protection, Third Eye and Heart chakra Clarity.


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Organic Bergamot Oil Healing Properties: Aids with Fatigue, Exhaustion and Burnout, Attracts Prosperity





Other Ingredients Include: A Gemstone Crystal, Rose Water, Alkaline Water, Flower Essences & Alcohol






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