David Chappelle Astrology Chart Report


                     The Cosmo Natal Report for

                        David Chappelle
                        August 24, 1973
               Calculated for 12:00 AM (Precise birth time not known)
                        Washington, D.C.

Calculated for:
Daylight Savings Time,   Time Zone 5 hours West
Latitude: 38 N 53 42     Longitude: 77 W 02 12

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun      0 Vir 51               Saturn   2 Can 13
Moon     7 Can 08               Uranus  20 Lib 21
Mercury 21 Leo 09               Neptune  4 Sag 41
Venus    6 Lib 06               Pluto    3 Lib 02
Mars     4 Tau 28               N. Node  6 Cap 20
Jupiter  4 Aqu 14


               Chapter 1: General Personality Characteristics

Sun in Virgo:

    At heart you are modest and humble, and you rarely strive to be in the limelight or in a position of power. You
have a sharp analytical mind, a keen eye for detail, and you prefer to observe, dissect, and study life from a distance.
Conscientious and conservative, you can be relied upon to be careful, efficient, and thorough in your work and you
take pride in doing a job well. What you may lack in self-confidence you often make up for in skill - developing
expertise, technical knowledge, and competency in some specialized area. You are adept at using your hands to
create or fix things, and meticulous attention to detail and careful craftsmanship are your forte. Some would say you
are a little TOO meticulous, for you can be extremely critical and petty if everything is not done exactly as you think it
should be, and you worry about things that other people consider trivial and unimportant. You like to organize,
categorize, and arrange everything into a logical system, and you are often distinctly uncomfortable when something
does not fit into a neat category. Disorganization vexes you. You probably wish that you were not such a
perfectionist, for besides being a stickler for details, you can be mercilessly self-critical as well. Whether in your
environment or in yourself, you tend to focus on the flaws, with a desire to improve, refine, and perfect. You are
strictly factual, truthful, and scrupulously honest in your self-estimation, and you often do not give yourself enough
praise or credit.

    You are also highly discriminating and may be especially particular about your diet, hygiene, and health habits. You
have high aesthetic standards and refined sensitivities, and will be bothered by elements in your surroundings (such as
disorder, cigarette smoke, etc.) that others overlook. Your tastes are simple, understated, but refined. Coarseness,
bluntness, and vulgarity really offend you. You can be difficult to live with sometimes because of your fastidiousness,
your sensitivity, and your idiosyncrasies about food and cleanliness.

    Though you seem rather cool and self-contained, you have a very helpful nature and you enjoy serving others. You
are content to be in a supportive, assisting role rather than in the lead. You are quietly devoted to the ones you care

    You are careful and cautious in your approach to life, realistic, practical, and disinclined to gamble. You analyze
before you act. You are too serious sometimes. Allowing yourself to play and to make mistakes would be
HEALTHY for you!

Sun Square Neptune:

    You are extremely sensitive and imaginative, and you can get lost in your dreams, fantasies, and visions. You are
attracted to artistic and creative pursuits, the world of color, beauty, and emotion. You are also drawn to mysticism
and have deep spiritual aspirations and yearnings. Gentle and peace-loving, you may lack the will and competitive
spirit needed to make your way in the world. You are often impractical and may seek to avoid or escape the hard
realities of life.

Sun Trine Mars:

    You are positive, vital, energetic, active, a go-getter.  You enjoy competition, and your initiative and
self-confidence make you a winner.

Sun Sextile Saturn:

    Realistic and practical, you set goals for yourself that are modest enough for you to actually achieve. You are able
to tackle long, difficult projects and see them through, for you possess self-discipline, concentration, and
perseverance. You also have a strong sense of responsibility and are very conscientious in fulfilling your obligations.
Often you do things because you feel it is expected of you.

                  Chapter 2: Mental Interests and Abilities

Mercury in Leo:

    You are a person of strong opinions and you express your views energetically and often dramatically. You are an
entertaining speaker and will embellish or exaggerate in order to get your point across. You have an aptitude for
story-telling and performing. Even if your arena is only the classroom or dining room table, you put on a good show.
You have an abundance of creative ideas and do not enjoy a job in which you have no creative input or voice in
decision-making. You could be a good politician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach.

Mercury Sextile Uranus:

    Independent and free-thinking, you dislike being told what to do and how to do it, and you especially do not like
being told how to think, for you insist on discovering your own truth. You do well in a rather unstructured
environment that allows you to make your own decisions and to respond to the needs of the moment, rather than
following a routine, standardized way of doing things. You are also suited to a fast-paced atmosphere, which you find
exciting and stimulating. Your mind functions in an intuitive, nonlinear fashion and sudden insights and flashes of
inspiration often come to you "out of the blue". You have an aptitude for science and new technologies especially
interest you. You also have a penchant for astrology or other esoteric sciences.

               Chapter 3: Emotions: Moods, Feelings, Romance

Moon in Cancer:

    You respond very much to the emotional tone and atmosphere around you, and can be dominated by your
fluctuating and unpredictable moods. You often appear irrational to others because you cannot always explain the
reason or source of your feelings. Anyone who lives with you must accept your ups and downs and appreciate your
need for times of withdrawal.

    You are also very sympathetic and understand the unspoken feelings and needs of others. You take slights and
rebuffs very personally and though you may forgive a transgression by a friend or loved one, you never forget it.

Moon Conjunct Saturn:

    Serious and emotionally reserved, you were probably never an exuberant, playful child, and you rarely express
yourself in a spontaneous, childlike manner. You are cautious about letting others get close to you and sometimes
withdraw from people altogether. At times, even when you are with people, you feel lonely or isolated. Learning to
appreciate your own company and to find satisfying solitary activities is essential to your emotional well-being.

Moon Square Venus:

    You have conflicting emotional desires and needs which complicate your personal life. You may feel that you
cannot depend on your love partner to take care of you or perhaps you cannot decide what you really want in a love
relationship: a parent or a lover. If your needs for emotional sustenance and love are not satisfied, overeating
(especially sweets) can be a problem for you.

Moon Square Pluto:

    You have intense desires and feelings and your personal relationships are deeply emotional, passionate, and often
stormy and painful as well. There are powerful magnetic ties between yourself and those you care about, and you
could become emotionally obsessed by another person. Your feelings can become so urgent and compelling that you
do things that are not rational. You undergo periodic emotional upheavals and purging, when you must break all ties,
release the past and begin anew.

Moon Sextile Mars:

    You are assertive and confront difficulties in a direct, no-nonsense sort of way. You cannot tolerate self-pity or
passivity, and you can be rather brusque with others' emotional problems. "Stop crying and DO something about it"
might be your motto.

Venus in Libra:

    You possess the gifts of tact, courtesy, consideration, and a strong desire to please and understand your love
partner. Because you value harmony so much, you will compromise a great deal to avoid any discord or conflict. You
do not like to dwell on controversial or emotionally difficult subjects, and often try to "smooth things over" or "sweep
them under the rug".

    In love, you want an intellectual peer, an equal, and a friend. You are attracted to people who have a certain
finesse, delicacy, and subtlety. You appreciate good manners and refinement and are not happy with a coarse, blunt
type of person.

Venus Conjunct Pluto:

    You have deep, compelling love feelings that seem irresistible and often irrational. Your love relationships are very
passionate and intense, and you experience both agony and ecstasy in love. You are always changed in a deep,
fundamental way by your love experiences, though this may come about through painful and difficult confrontations or
separations. You are something of an emotional fanatic about things you care about.

Venus Square Saturn:

    You are serious and find it difficult to enjoy yourself in a lighthearted, open and playful way with others. You rarely
do something purely for pleasure, and can be very close-fisted and parsimonious. Perhaps due to painful separations
in your early life, you are very cautious about becoming close to people and sharing your feelings. Though you crave
love and affection, intimacy is difficult for you. You may become romantically involved with people who do not value
you or treat you well. You need to learn to love and value yourself before you will find happiness in love.

Venus Trine Jupiter:

    You appreciate beautiful surroundings and congenial company, and though you enjoy helping people, you will
rarely put yourself out too much in order to do so. You are good-humored and generous at heart but inclined to be

Venus Sextile Neptune:

    Sensitive and compassionate, you tend to be the "giver" in any relationship. You have high ideals and a refined
attitude towards love, seeking to relate in ways that are beyond ego needs and selfishness. You are attracted to
people with artistic or mystical inclinations.

            Chapter 4: Drive and Ambition: How You Achieve Your Goals

Mars in Taurus:

    Once you set your mind on a goal, your dedication, determination, and commitment to it are extraordinary. You
pursue your ambitions tenaciously and will stubbornly refuse to give up, let go, or be influenced in any way. Like
Aesop's tortoise, you labor patiently and steadfastly until you achieve what you want - or until it is clear beyond a
shadow of a doubt that all is lost. You are a reliable, consistent, and productive worker, and often shoulder more of
the workload than your co- workers, usually without complaint. The nitty-gritty work often falls to you. You prefer a
regular routine, with definite hours and clearly defined responsibilities and tasks. In fact, establishing a pattern or
routine is very important to your success because once you get started in a certain direction, is easy for you to follow
it through to its completion. Getting started is more difficult. You have a lazy, comfort-loving side and there is often a
good deal of inertia for you to overcome before you get going. Once you get a momentum going, your energy level is
strong and steady.

    You are interested in concrete results and solid, practical achievement. You need to have some tangible product or
contribution to show for your efforts, and cannot be content with only intangible rewards (such as having a good time,
learning, or spiritual enrichment). Material well-being and security is also a large factor in determining what you do.
Your stamina and persistence is your great strength but it can also work against you; you can get caught in a rut and
refuse to seize new opportunities. You also tend to play it safe, and to limit yourself in that way.

Mars Square Jupiter:

    You are enterprising, ambitious, and have a strong desire to succeed in a big way. Ever on the look out for new
opportunities and promising new ventures, you are willing to take risks if you sense that something is going to be a
winner. No matter how much you accomplish, you never seem to be completely satisfied. You always feel you can
do more, and set your sights on another goal. You feel frustrated in limited circumstances, and you will leave secure
and reasonably successful situations if they do not offer challenges and potential for growth and expansion in the
future. You like to keep stretching your limits, to see how far you can go. Sometimes you over-extend yourself or
promise more than you can actually achieve, due to an overly optimistic or overly confident assessment of your own
capacities. You relish healthy competition and feel that it spurs you on to even greater achievements.

Mars Sextile Saturn:

    You possess the gifts of endurance and perseverance, the willingness to work hard and seriously to achieve your
objectives. Once you decide you want something or make a commitment, you'll do it "even if it takes forever".
Self-discipline is natural to you and you instinctively realize that any creative achievement is "10% inspiration, 90%
perspiration". You choose practical, realistic goals and pursue them step-by-step in a well-planned, orderly way. You
like to concentrate on one thing at a time and do a thorough job. You enjoy working in solitude, and often feel your
best work is done when you are alone.

                     Chapter 5: Other Influences

Jupiter in Aquarius:

     Your strength lies in your ability to be innovative, open to new progressive concepts, willing to experiment and to
reject customs and traditions when they cease to serve any positive function in the present. Also, you have an
expansive view of the world, one that includes humanity and not only your own small, personal circle.

Jupiter Trine Pluto:

    Your sensitivity to the larger social context of a project gives you the perspective to discern good opportunities
and attract successful pursuits. You are likely to achieve a high level of success in your career or business.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune:

     You have a great, wide-open sense of possibilities which allows extraordinary, even miraculous events to come
into your life. A sense of divine grace, of being part of the flow of the universe, of communing with celestial realms or
Beings, are all very natural to you. At the same time, you're not apt to go to extremes or lose your sense of
perspective. You are also quite altruistic and giving, and ready to aid less fortunate people. A sense of gratitude and
spiritual wealth is one of your finest attributes.

Saturn in Cancer:

     You fear becoming emotionally dependent upon others, and may distance yourself or deny your needs for
closeness and intimacy so that you won't be vulnerable to rejection or abandonment. On the other hand, you may
cling excessively or need constant reassurance from loved ones and family. Developing a deep, inner sense of
security, as well as the ability to give and receive nurturing are important tasks for you.

Saturn Square Pluto:

    Once you decide what you want to do, you will pursue it tenaciously and, if necessary, sacrifice a great deal for
your deeply felt convictions. This trait tends to make you feel a little out of step with others. You take things a little
more seriously and have an inclination to be a bit of a fanatic, although probably not flamboyantly so, so others may
not know how deeply you feel and how driven you are about the things that are important to you. You have a deep
inner resolve and are willing to struggle to do the things that are really meaningful to you, rather than follow an easier
but less meaningful course in life.

Uranus in Libra:

    You are part of a 7 year group of people who strive for greater equality in relationships. You treat parents,
children, and spouses much more like friends and equals than other generations do, and many of you will experiment
with alternative marriage styles that allow for greater freedom and equality in relationships.

Neptune in Sagittarius:

    You are part of a 14 year group of people that are extremely idealistic and farsighted in their dreams. Your age
group is very liberal and expansive in outlook, and consequently churches become much more flexible and more
eclectic in their approach during your life time. Religions that do not adapt to the broad-minded attitude of your age
group simply are unable to attract very much interest and involvement from you.

    A great deal of metaphysical musing and speculation is evident in your age group, and there is a very strong interest
in all manner of psychic phenomena, UFO's, prophecy, etc. This interest will open many new doors and insights, but
will also often lead to a great deal of fantasizing and speculation that is taken more seriously than it should be.

Neptune Sextile Pluto:

     The entire generation to which you belong has tremendous opportunities for spiritual rebirth and awakening. This
will not be forced upon you or precipitated by unavoidable events, rather it comes from an inner yearning and a
natural propensity to seek the depths.

Pluto in Libra:

    You are part of a 12 year group of people who are deeply interested in personal relationships. Your age group has
a deeply-rooted yearning to see people relating and communicating with each other effectively and harmoniously.
There is little egotism and a willingness to hear the other person's side of the story and a readiness to compromise and
arbitrate different points of view. In fact, the need for harmonious, peaceful relationships is so strong that there is a
tendency to overlook real differences and to focus only on the similarities in an attempt to bring different parties into
harmony with each other.

    Interest in psychology and sociology is high in your age group. There is a tremendous heightening of awareness of
social skills. Your age group will experiment with different marriage styles, family relationships, and even business
relationships in an attempt to bring fair treatment and effective communication between people. Interest and
appreciation for other cultures is also strong, and your age group will work hard to preserve and support the cultural
heritage of all ethnic groups.

    Your strong yearning for equitable and harmonious relationships is also reflected in major advancements in trade
agreements, arms control, and international cooperation that are designed and implemented by your generation.
These agreements and policies foster a much safer and more cooperative environment for all, although there is also a
tendency for greedy individuals to take advantage of the conciliatory atmosphere and twist situations to their own

    In short, you are part of a generation of individuals who are deeply interested in other people; you are a humanistic
and humanitarian group. You will struggle and experiment with personal relationships, and forge new models for how
people can relate as friends, family members, and members of nations as well.


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