Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison Lovers Astrology Compatibility Report

Compatibility Report for Pamela Courson and Jim Morrison

Data for Pamela Courson:           Data for Jim Morrison:
December 22, 1946                    December 8, 1943
11:10 AM                                   11:55 AM
Weed, California                   Melbourne Beach, Florida
Standard time observed             War Time observed
Time Zone: 8 hours West            Time Zone: 5 hours West

Sun      0 deg 21 min Capricorn    Sun     15 deg 42 min Sagittarius
Moon    22 deg 18 min Sagittarius  Moon     9 deg 13 min Taurus
Mercury 13 deg 13 min Sagittarius  Mercury  0 deg 53 min Capricorn
Venus   20 deg 56 min Scorpio      Venus    0 deg 23 min Scorpio
Mars     4 deg 03 min Capricorn    Mars    11 deg 40 min Gemini
Jupiter 18 deg 40 min Scorpio      Jupiter 27 deg 01 min Leo
Saturn   7 deg 57 min Leo          Saturn  23 deg 45 min Gemini
Uranus  19 deg 20 min Gemini       Uranus   6 deg 27 min Gemini
Neptune 10 deg 41 min Libra        Neptune  4 deg 01 min Libra
Pluto   13 deg 03 min Leo          Pluto    8 deg 35 min Leo

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Pamela Courson's Sun in Capricorn and Jim Morrison's Sun in Sagittarius:

     Work versus play, or Optimism and faith versus Realism and doubt are likely to be issues in this relationship, with
Jim Morrison being the playful, optimistic one, and Pamela Courson being the realist. Many times Jim Morrison will
be in the mood for socializing, traveling, or engaging in some form of entertainment, while Pamela Courson feels that
there are responsibilities that should be taken care of first. At such times Pamela Courson feels that Jim Morrison is
too irresponsible, inconsiderate, and immature, while Jim Morrison feels that Pamela Courson is boring and dull.

     If your dissimilarities are not too extreme, you can complement each other rather than frustrate each other, with
Jim Morrison providing the energy and vision, and Pamela Courson providing the steady hand and practical

Pamela Courson's Moon in Sagittarius and Jim Morrison's Moon in Taurus:

     You have very different, and often conflicting, needs and drives. Pamela Courson is expansive, craves adventure,
and wants to be where the energy and action is. Pamela Courson's curiosity and quest for growth, knowledge, or
new experiences creates a strong urge for travel or changes in residence. Jim Morrison, on the other hand, is very
attached to the familiar, and prefers a steady routine, domestic peace and stability. Jim Morrison may feel that Pamela
Courson is unreliable and not to be depended upon.

     Also, Pamela Courson is an idealist with great hopes and plans for the future, while Jim Morrison lives primarily in
the present and is more involved with immediate, tangible concerns. Pamela Courson may feel that Jim Morrison
doesn't understand or appreciate Pamela Courson's dreams, and that Jim Morrison stifles Pamela Courson's
enthusiasm with an insistence on realism and practicality.

     Jim Morrison may feel that Pamela Courson lives in an unreal world, ignores the facts at hand, and leaves others
to take care of the work and business of day to day life.

     However, you both have an essentially generous, live-and-let-live attitude which may enable you to overlook the
differences between you.

Pamela Courson's Sun Conjunct Jim Morrison's Mercury:

     Talking and sharing ideas is highlighted in your relationship. You enjoy learning new things together and
exchanging points of view. You work well together in planning, organizing, theorizing, writing, or communicating ideas
in any manner. You work together effectively on daily chores, problems, or business activities.

Jim Morrison's Sun Opposition Pamela Courson's Uranus:

     If the two of you depend on each other to perform tasks and meet responsibilities (such as in a business
relationship), you will find that it is often difficult to coordinate your schedules or focus on practical details. You do
work together well on creative and innovative projects, however, when you do get together. You are likely to pop in
and out of each other's lives at unexpected times.

Pamela Courson's Sun Square Jim Morrison's Neptune:

     You must guard against mutual deception and misunderstandings. Pamela Courson tends to have an unrealistic
view of Jim Morrison, and Jim Morrison has a tendency to unconsciously capitalize on Pamela Courson's imaginative
and often simply erroneous perceptions. The tendency to be dishonest, hide things from each other, exaggerate, and
spur each other to unrealistic hopes and dreams is very strong. Both of you must be able to distinguish fantasy from
fact, and utilize the increased sensitivity and heightened imagination that you inspire in each other, without letting it
cloud your ability to clearly and realistically see other and understand each other.

Pamela Courson's Sun Trine Jim Morrison's Jupiter:

     The two of you really enjoy each other's company! Jim Morrison has a great deal of confidence in Pamela
Courson and is able to see Pamela Courson's best qualities. You are very encouraging and supportive of each other,
helping each other to be more confident, open new doors, and advance and grow in both inner and outer ways. This
positive note of good will and harmony is also invaluable in helping the two of you overcome differences in
temperament and other stressful aspects of your relationship discussed elsewhere in this report.

Jim Morrison's Sun Trine Pamela Courson's Pluto:

     Pamela Courson helps Jim Morrison achieve personal goals, activate Jim Morrison's latent talents and strengths,
and encourages and promotes Jim Morrison's creative work and endeavors. You can be a very successful duo.
However, Pamela Courson can be more driving and ambitious for Jim Morrison than Jim Morrison is, like the "stage
mother" who pushes her child to shine and to excel even when it is not the child's own aspiration. Pamela Courson
can have a profound influence on Jim Morrison, most likely for the good, but possibly not. Subtle manipulation and
domination on Pamela Courson's part should be avoided.

Pamela Courson's Sun Sextile Jim Morrison's Venus:

     Yours is a congenial and enjoyable relationship, for you both appreciate and like one another. You also share a
similarity in tastes and enjoyment of leisure activities and pleasures.

Pamela Courson's Moon Opposition Jim Morrison's Saturn:

     Although you both strive to be responsible, respectful, and dedicated to each other, there is a strong tendency for
this relationship to focus TOO MUCH on responsibilities and commitments. Pamela Courson is likely to feel unjustly
criticized, frustrated by Jim Morrison's moral and ethical attitudes, and eventually resent the limitations and
responsibilities imposed by this relationship. Emotional distance, coolness, indifference to feelings, and a sense of
loneliness or oppression can develop between you. To make this relationship work, you both must avoid the
tendency to let your sense of responsibility and concern for the other person cause you to try to control one another's

Jim Morrison's Moon Square Pamela Courson's Saturn:

     This relationship is not an easy one! There is a sense of responsibility towards each other that may encourage you
to work together on practical, mundane, or tedious tasks together. However, you both feel emotionally constrained
and inhibited by being together, and this relationship may feel like a form of imprisonment! Jim Morrison, in particular,
may feel disheartened by Pamela Courson's criticisms, worries, fears, or need to dominate Jim Morrison's life. Jim
Morrison's emotional needs and feelings are ignored and neglected at times. Most likely there is too much emphasis
on responsibilities and obligations. The serious tone of the relationship also stifles play and light-hearted fun-loving
activities. This relationship may endure even when your feelings towards one another have cooled because there is a
great deal of stability in it and reliability and responsibility to each other, even if there is little satisfaction over time.

Jim Morrison's Moon Square Pamela Courson's Pluto:

     This relationship, especially if it is of reasonably long duration, will change both of you more profoundly than either
of you would suspect at first.  You share much of your personal past history and you reveal much to each other that
you normally do not share with others.  You may regret your candor at times, and there are qualities in each other
that annoy you intensely, qualities that you do not want to acknowledge are also part of yourself!

Jim Morrison's Mercury Conjunct Pamela Courson's Mars:

     The two of you are inclined to mentally spar with each other, challenging each other's ideas and aggressively
confronting weaknesses, inconsistencies, or superficialities in each other's thinking. While this can sharpen your wits
and improve your mental work, it may also lead to arguments, making you feel attacked and ridiculed by each other.
Be wary of hurting each other's feelings or being overly zealous in challenging one another's ideas.

Pamela Courson's Mercury Opposition Jim Morrison's Mars:

     Stimulating conversations or hot debates are likely. Jim Morrison challenges Pamela Courson's ideas with vigor.
Pamela Courson may respond by doing the same in return. Although these challenges and criticisms are made with
good intentions, they easily precipitate arguments. Both of you must be careful to respect each other's beliefs and not
belittle each other's views or your relationship will deteriorate into feelings of mistrust, nasty tempers, and the bad
habit of throwing darts at each other.

Pamela Courson's Mars Square Jim Morrison's Neptune:

     It is very difficult for the two of you to jointly accomplish practical, mundane tasks. You draw out the silly,
childish, imaginative side of each other, and you often will simply not be able to clearly focus on practical tasks. If
either of you has a drinking, drug, or psychological problem, it is likely that your relationship will highlight this
problem. Be wary of the tendency of both of you to over-indulge in these kinds of bad habits.

Jim Morrison's Mars Trine Pamela Courson's Neptune:

     You enjoy watching movies, reading novels, discussing music and the arts, and pursuing religious or metaphysical
areas together. You work well together in any area that involves a strong imaginative element. The spiritual bond
between you is strong, and as you spend time together, your ideals and your sense of purpose in life becomes more
refined and intertwined.

Jim Morrison's Mars Sextile Pamela Courson's Pluto:

     You build one another's courage, and bring out the Hero in one another.  Together, you have an enormous
amount of energy for working and accomplishing.  Pamela Courson, especially, may drive or push Jim Morrison
further than Jim Morrison could go or would want to go alone.


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