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Psychic Attack: Spiritual Purification and Protection by Lisa Whatley

Energy stealers are everywhere! They are your family members, your friends and they are your co-workers and YOU may even be one yourself. A more common name is a Psychic Vampire and we all know what vampires do! In this case the vampire is sucking our vital energy, depleting us and causing us to become unhealthy emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Spiritual purification and cord cutting are some tools that can keep the vampires away!

What does the term ‘Psychic Vampire’ mean anyway? A psychic vampire is a person that steals other people’s energies because they are living their life in victim consciousness and believe that everything happens ’to’ them. They are often heard saying “Why Me?” They are constantly negative, they are whiny, they gossip, they are angry, sad, afraid, etc. Living in this manner is very dis-empowering.

In order for these people to feel better about themselves they need to attach themselves to another person’s energy field. In order for this ‘vampire’ to attach themselves to your energy body, they form cords attaching the two of you together. (These cords are not visible to the naked eye but they can be seen with the psychic third eye.) When they need a boost, they unconsciously steal your energy instead of using their own! At some level you have allowed this to take place, perhaps when you were having a conversation you opened your energy field with compassion and they latched on immediately to your generosity and kindness. Have you ever felt great before you talked to so and so either on the phone or in person but after you hung up or parted ways you felt just depleted?

Psychic protection is needed to empower yourself.These cords that are formed between the two of you are like highways and run both ways. That means that you will also receive their energy whether it is positive or negative. If they have a headache, you may also develop a headache. It they are depressed, you may become depressed. If they are angry, you may become angry and so on. As you can see this can be very detrimental to your health.

These cords prevent you from really being the real you! It is imperative that these cords be severed and sometimes a spiritual purification is required for your well-being and also for the growth of the other person.

How do we recognize a Psychic Vampire? Some traits of the dis-empowered energy stealer are:

-       feels lonely or abandoned

-       feels they have been rejected

-       needs constant reassurance

-       never feels satisfied

-       doesn’t like to be alone

-       seeks nurturing or feels they need to be taken care of

-       low energy and fatigued

-       they have a poor me attitude

-       is a drama king or queen

-       constant talker that never allows you to speak

-       needs you to be their therapist or rescuer fixing their problems

-       the blamer making you feel guilty about things

-       vindictive by putting you down

-       a person that is unhappy a lot

-       tries controlling you or your life

-       manipulates you to get things their way


How do I know if I am being psychically attacked?

-       dizziness

-       loss of energy

-       muscle tension

-       mental confusion

-       headaches

-       chronic fatigue

-       nightmares

-       sleep disturbances

-       irritability

-       depressed mood

-       physical illness

-       small diminishing aura

-       leaks, holes and/or tears in your aura

-       and a whole lot more!


I know, you are now thinking that is almost everyone alive! Unfortunately, too many people are simply not aware of their energetic bodies and how they operate. Once people start taking responsibility for creating their own lives and taking back their personal power this will not be an epidemic. (Granted other conditions also can be the cause of these symptoms besides being psychically attacked.)

Those that psychically attack others either do this consciously or unconsciously. Either way it is detrimental to your health, in all areas of your energetic being, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

How do I protect myself from this? For starters you need to become aware of which individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them. But simply not being in their physical presence does not stop them from draining you. There are protection techniques shared below to help combat this. Also you need to be aware that not all people attacking you are people that you know.

Secondly, you need to release all the negative emotions that you carry within yourself. If you hold anger, hurt, jealousy etc. inside your being, it is like you are shackled to a ball and chain, holding you hostage with your own creation! Releasing of all negative emotions brings freedom as fear is the robber of peace.

Why must I do this? Because any disharmony in our four energetic bodies will cause us to be vulnerable, so that darkness and confusion can enter. Being aware of this is empowering.

I stress this, do not go into fear now that you are aware of this. Simply take the steps to protect yourself.

Darkness consists of anything that is of a lower/heavier vibration such as anger, fear, depression, jealousy, hatred etc. When angry thoughts are directed at you, they can penetrate your weak and vulnerable areas like arrows. What happens is they take away your clarity and fill you with confusion and drain your energy.

Following are some tools to empower yourself from Psychic Vampires.

Cord Cutting

Cord cutting should be done on a daily basis and much more often when we are going through a stressful period in our life. These cords should be cut from our loved ones as well. No cord attached to anyone or thing is good!

  • Take some deep cleansing breaths. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Call upon Arch Angel Michael and ask him for his assistance in cutting all cords that are attached to your being. Visualize Michael swirling his sword around your entire being severing all the cords. Know that no cord can remain intact and they are returning to where they came from. When you feel Michael has completed this process, thank him for his assistance. It is done. Easy as that!

Bubble of White Light

  • Ask the angels to put a bubble of white light around you. Make this a thick white band of energy. Then visualize or watch them putting a dark blue energy around that, then a golden energy around that. Finally, especially if you often pick up other peoples problems, place a violet colour around the outside, which will keep you safe from the negative energies of others.

The Blue Cloak

  • Deep blue is a very protective colour. It is the colour of Archangel Michael who is the protector. With your imagination draw in your aura and then put a deep blue cloak over it. Pull the hood over your head and zip the cloak up from under your feet to your chin. Feel and know that you are completely protected.


  • You can also shield yourself by visualizing yourself being encapsulated in the White Light and then envision a circle of mirrors around you that face outward. This reflects the negative energy away from you.


Here are some physical steps for purification.

  • Burn all relevant photographs or objects holding memories of the person, place or situation.
  • Write down all feelings of frustration, anger, hurt, fear, etc., and burn the paper, flush it down the toilet or bury it. Please don’t give it to the person! Repeat this step as often as necessary.
  • Clear all the clutter from every room of your home. Rule of thumb. If you haven’t used in 6 months it’s not likely you will! Get rid of it.
  • Clean and if necessary redecorate your home. Bringing nature indoors is wonderful energy!
  • Check there are no books in your bookshelves or pictures on your walls that have negative energy. Surround yourself with high vibrational objects, spiritual books, spiritual pictures, plants, fresh flowers etc.
  • Sprinkle holy water in all rooms starting at the center spiraling outwards.
  • Smudge with sage, cedar and sweet-grass and  invoke the help of God, the Ascended Masters, the Great White Brother and Sisterhood, the Archangels and Angels, your Higherself and I AM Presence.
  • Play sacred music and sing, chant OM or say The Lord’s Prayer.
  • Stop listening to negative television and radio shows.
  • Stop reading negative papers, books, magazines, gossip rags.
  • Cleanse and purify your crystals and dedicate them to the Light.
  • Light candles and use high vibrational pure essential oils.




Protect Yourself from Psychic Attack

by Christopher Penczak

The heart of magick is empowerment. Magick taps into your own personal resources and builds a bridge of harmony with the universe. Fear is the limiting factor of empowerment. Those who seal away their own magick build a wall with their fear. They fear other people's opinions, the responsibility, danger and ultimately themselves. Fear is a weapon used by those who seek to control the power. Control mongers bombard society with messages of fear to spread their own power.

Healers, midwives and wise women were tortured and put to death during the Inquisition for using their knowledge and talents. The Church and the newly established medical profession wanted to keep their base of power, and the wise folk threatened them. Rumors of pacts with the Devil, evil witches casting curses and demons stealing children in the night were spread. The general public started to fear the wise folk, and newly developing psychics chose not to explore their gifts because of the social stigma associated with them. The lessons of the Inquisition were simple: Fear pain and death more than honoring your power. Learn to obey those in command. The higher power does not exist in you. You need others to tell you the truth. These are old lessons repeated over and over by dominating forces.

Due to present and past life associations with such propaganda, mystical explorers often fear their own power and the ability to do magick. They believe evil things are lurking about, waiting to snatch their souls. They fear being healers and teachers and do nothing, playing it safe. Unfortunately, the world needs healers and teachers, wise women and cunning men more than ever before.

Because of popular horror movies, books and Ouija boards, the world of magick is associated with the dark creatures that go bump in the night, ready to snatch us away. The good magick of fairy tales seems impotent by comparison, and as a society, we forget our ancient mythology. People with strong psychic, spiritual and magickal talents never tap these resources, fearing the worst will happen. First experiences can seem dark and mysterious, but we often encounter our own darkness and shadow selves, enabling us to make peace with them before we continue onward. I have heard many stories of "psychic attacks" from dark beings or even other practitioners, but 90 percent of the time, it is the victim's own perceptions and fears reflected back. That is not to say there are not dark beings out there in the spiritual realms. There are, but these creatures are far less common than most people think. Fortunately, the techniques of protection work for both "real" and "self-created" attacks.

Psychic Attacks

Psychic attacks come in many forms. The simplest is an everyday experience. Someone says something bad about you, makes a judgment, calls you a name, yells or curses at you. The person is directing his or her energy in a harmful way toward you. If you are not strong enough in self-esteem and personal power, these little attacks take their toll.

Do not become paranoid with this information. Do not go running around accusing everyone who does not agree with you of a psychic attack. Such negativity is not meant as an attack. It is an unfortunate by-product of how our society conducts itself. This is a simple, subtle way harmful energy is directed. We all do it at times. Most often, we do it to ourselves. We judge ourselves as not worthy, not attractive, not lovable, and these images become thought forms, packets of energy, filled with a poor self-image. When people experience an "attack," they usually are experiencing and clearing these thought forms. Be aware and responsible of your own thoughts, directed towards yourself and others.

Other thought forms and astral entities have a life of their own. You might feel a malevolent presence or voice. These are the reported demons and devils plaguing mystics. They take the form of your greatest fears. Their goal is your fear, your attention, your time and energy. They draw energy from you to feed their existence. Ignoring them is an easy way to break their hold. Laughter is even better. If you don't take them seriously, they will lose power.

Many people believe in "psychic vampires." They are not the blood-drinking variety from Hollywood movies or Anne Rice novels, but actual people who drain your energy. Psychic vampires are not usually occult characters, but ordinary people who drive to work every day, raise families and go to school. Usually, they are not aware of this problem. A very few are aware of their energy draining tendency, but lack the skills to stop it. We all know people who are tired, drained and depressed, people who latch onto others for their continual support and strength. Not everyone who is occasionally depressed is a psychic vampire. We all get depressed. Vampires are rather rare, and vampirism can grow out of this malady. Remember vampires are not usually consciously attacking you, and once you are aware of the phenomenon, you can stop playing into their games. With your knowledge comes empowerment.

The last kind of psychic attack is the most rare, coming from another practitioner of the magickal arts. These attacks come as curses, wishing bad luck, nightmares and psychic or mental pain. Usually, the person knows you and will have some vendetta against you. My mother's godmother practiced folk magick in her Italian community and broke curses all the time. Belief and giving into the curse is the worst thing you can do. The more you feel you are cursed, the more the universe responds. No one can curse you unless you let him or her.

Psychic Defenses

All psychic defenses are based in building your own self-esteem, personal power and confidence. Some contain more physical acts, but ultimately it is your will empowering those acts.

To purify a space and prevent unwanted, harmful energy from entering, burn purifying herbs. Frankincense and myrrh are a favorite of both witches and the Catholic Church. Native Americans use sage, cedar and sweetgrass. Southern American cultures burn copal. You can also use lavender or cinnamon. These substances naturally clear a space. Salt absorbs harmful energy. Iron grounds the same energy. Horseshoes were pointed down and hung over doors for this purpose. Iron nails are placed in house frames for the same reason. Potions and oils made of these substances are worn for protection.

Magickal symbols of protection can be worn or drawn. Pentacles, crosses, the Star of David and the Eye of Horus are strong protection symbols, and you can usually find jewelry made with these symbols. Wear this jewelry with the intent of protection. A banishing pentagram, a star drawn starting in the lower left corner, dissolves harmful thought forms and removes unwanted spirits. Repeat it as many times as necessary.

During meditation, start by visualizing a shield of clear crystal around your entire body, about three feet away. State "This protection shield protects me from all harm and reflects love back on the source of the harm." Never send energy back to do harm; it will again return to trouble you. Even if one attacks you first, you are not justified to curse back. By sending love, you neutralize the harm. Wishing good things on your enemies can be the key to defeating them. They will be so happy with what they have that they stop bothering you. Bless your harm away, and more blessings will return to you. Similar protection shield visualizations can be used around your home, car, loved ones and pets.

Sometimes binding spells are necessary. Write the name of the person meaning you harm on a piece of paper. Put it in a bottle, bound with black thread. Fill the bottle with sea salt, protection herbs, iron filings and things like John the Conqueror root. Seal the bottle and ask that this person harm you no longer. As long as you do not open it, the binding will last. You can put the bottle in your freezer or bury it in the backyard.

As a last resort, call upon your guardian spirits. Call on your guardian angel, your spirit guides or the Goddess and God. A student of mine protected himself by asking for help from Mother Earth and drawing Her energy up and directing it to the malevolent spirit. Be creative when protecting.

As you claim your power and grow in your magickal abilities, you will move in harmony with the universe and attract less attention from such darker entities. Others wishing you harm will effortlessly roll off you because you know your place in the cosmic dance of life. Nothing can make you skip a beat of your dance.


Mantra for Protection Against Psychic Attack

By Ramdesh Kaur source:

Some cultures call it the Evil Eye.  Other cultures speak of curses.  Most have stories of the dark forces and negative spirits.  Whatever you call psychic attack, it is not fun.

We are all energetic beings and our thoughts are a form of energy.  One person’s negative thoughts, directed consistently and strongly in the direction of the another, form the basis for psychic attack, and they may weaken our energetic field.  Even the guy in your office that wishes you would get fired so he could get promoted could be unwittingly harming your field. People who are stressed, sick, using inebriants or lacking in a strong spiritual practice, are particularly vulnerable to this type of energetic attack.

Yogi Bhajan taught a simple but powerful mantra to reflect any psychic attack back onto the person or spirit from which it originates.

This is mantra should only be said ONCE PER DAY.  No more than that.  You say it once powerfully and then you let it go.  Do not chant this mantra over and over again.

“Alak Baba Siri Chand Di Rakh”.

This calls upon the assistance of Baba Siri Chand, who was the son of Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs.  Baba Siri Chand was a devoted yogi who renounced the world in favor of spiritual practice.  He was a highly evolved consciousness, but he could not become the Guru after his father because a very important principle of Sikhism is being on the householder’s path.  Sikhs are encouraged to live in the world, have jobs, marry, but still focus their attention on God.  Back during the old days in India, there were many “bad yogis” running around.  These yogis had developed siddhi powers, or psychic skills, from their years of meditation and yoga.  Some could materialize wealth by stealing it from another without a trace, some put people under spells to do their bidding, and on and on.  Guru Nanak trusted Baba Siri Chand with the task of approaching these dark yogis and teaching them the error of their ways.  Baba Siri Chand was a master of deflecting psychic attack from these yogis and staying constantly connected to Source Energy.

In Western terms, Baba Siri Chand is similar to Archangel Michael.  You call him in when you need protection from anything that is not pure light.

The next time you find yourself frightened or feeling attacked by negative energies, try this powerful mantra and see how strong and protected you feel.


Protection Against Psychic Attack

by Brother A. A.

As you progress along your spiritual path, you'll undoubtedly pique the interest of others, both incarnate and disincarnate. Those incarnated in the flesh may be tempted to attack you psychically in order to elevate themselves. The net result of their attack is to hinder their spiritual growth. At the same time, you may experience some negativity in your life because of their negative energy. You can protect yourself against these attacks.

Those not incarnated in the flesh are usually, but not always, more benign. They usually just want to get your attention to deliver a message for them to somebody residing in the flesh. Occasionally, they want to talk with you, to warn you of some coming event, to persuade you to change your ways, or just to chat with somebody who'll listen. It's good to remember, when working with disincarnate entities, that they're not all Holy people. In fact, they're just exactly the same person they were when they died except they no longer have a physical vehicle.

The disincarnate may communicate with you in any number of ways including:

   1 Visual: by showing you themselves or other things

   2 Auditory: by speaking to you or making other sounds

   3 Tactile: by touching you or causing sensations on or within your skin

   4. Olfactory: by causing odors to affect your sense of smell

   5 Gustatory: by causing tastes to affect your tongue

   6 Psychic: by attempting to cause you some sort of harm

The incarnate may also attempt to harm you psychically by using any one or more of those same techniques in their psychic attack. They may send you pictures, messages, sensory perceptions, odors or tastes. More likely they will attempt to harm you in a physical or emotional manner, to cause you physical injury, to induce a heart attack, to choke you, to induce fear and terror, or great sadness and depression.

By whatever method your assailant may attack you or benign entities may intrude into your mind, you have at your disposal a most helpful form of protection called the Sphere of Protection. When used to protect yourself against psychic attack, use the following adjustments or additions to the Sphere of Protection. The adjustments may be substituted for the intentions of the Sphere of Protection, but our intention is to add them to the Sphere. That way you have two layers of protection against attack. These are the suggested adjustments or additions:


The Element of Air is associated with sound, any kind of sound including psychic or disincarnate voices. When banishing Air also banish all unwanted voices and sounds.


The Element of Fire is associated with sight, any form of visual aid including their physical body when incarnate here on Earth. When banishing Fire also banish all unwanted visions of every kind.


The Element of Water is associated with touching and emotions including all sensations to the skin. When banishing Water also banish all sense of touch. Unwanted emotions are included in the regular Sphere of Protection.


The Element of Earth is associated with both taste and smell including all unsolicited smells and tastes. When banishing Earth also banish all unsolicited tastes and smells.