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30 Day Forecast Report
      Is it rare that you find meaning or accuracy in your daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes? Well, fortunately, we are more complex than just our main Sun sign! There are many aspects within our astrological fingerpri ... (Read More)
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Astrology Name Plate Pendant with 14K Gold Fill Ne
  Astro Name Plate is made out an anti tarnish brass and includes 18 inch 14K Gold Filled Chain. Pendant measures approximately 30 to 41 mm x 11 mm in dimension. Very Limited Supply xo.   Chain Length: 18 inche ... (Read More)
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Compatibility Report
    Every time Mojan meets someone for the first time, she always asks "when’s your birthday?" Then she creates a compatibility report between them to validate what she saw in that person. Compatibility Reports are authenticall ... (Read More)
Major Life Themes Report
    This report includes a brief interpretation of your natal chart and springboards in to the major themes you will encounter in life. These themes are presented in approximately the order in which they are prioritized within ... (Read More)
Natal Report
    You may have heard a friend talk about "having their chart done." How about "what's your ascendant / rising sign?" A natal report is an intuitive interpretation of your collective life force and reflects the unique pattern ... (Read More)
Numerology Report
      Numbers are magical! Everything in the Universe is a mathematical equation, including you. See how you add up by learning from this ancient science. By knowing your Soul Number and Your Destiny Number, you can look ... (Read More)
Personality & Romantic Compatibility Category Scor
    Your personality is astrologically scored in 25 categories reflecting your aptitude for each, including headings like: Originality and Inventiveness Dynamic Energy Loyalty Impatience Sexual Excitability Logic The Profile Ca ... (Read More)
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