About Mojan

Mojan has been consulting those who seek further enlightenment and guidance - be it in love, life, career, spiritual growth etc. She brings quality, integrity, compassion and insight to her readings, adhering to the highest of ethical standards. She has been a practicing clairvoyant medium and empath since 1994, and even has an uncanny accuracy for predicting pregnancies.


At three years old, she displayed exceptional visions about the future. She amazed her parents with information that a regular toddler had no way of knowing. These insights steadily grew in her until as a teenager she found a mentor. Mojan’s guidance came through MaryAnn Macri, another gifted healer, who recognized that Mojan’s perceived emotional conflicts were really her internalized insights of others’ lives, issues, and conflicts. At their first meeting, MaryAnn said: “I have never seen someone fill up a room with so many angels in my life! It’s crowded in here!” She saw that Mojan was surrounded by white light, a well-known symbol of healing through God. MaryAnn helped Mojan to appreciate and welcome the angels and spirits surrounding her, to accept their guidance, and ultimately to find her calling as a healer.


In doing so, Mojan was able to use her spiritual abilities to help herself as well as others. By working with angels, using deep breathing, relaxation, and focusing on love, we can elevate ourselves onto many different planes. Mojan believes that we use less than 3% of our brain and intuitive capacity in our daily lives – let her help you find a way to expand that percentage. Mojan’s powerful prayers help people across the globe – her clients always call back to report the positive outcome of her words of strength and compassion. She helps everyone find their own innate abundance, guiding others to create peace and harmony in their lives by bringing their dreams to fruition. No problem or conflict is too big or small for Mojan to handle. She always finds the perfect tools to help you help yourself, using your unique spiritual make-up, to help manifest the life you seek.


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