Mojan offers 60, 90 and 120 minute Sessions by phone. Longer readings are usually used to discover deeper issues surrounding your spiritual path and life's purpose. Shorter readings help aid day-to-day issues and conflicts. Think about what you hope to accomplish and what questions you may have prior to your reading. NOTE: After you purchase your session you will be emailed a link to Mojan's calender schedule with dates and times to choose from, the availablity for sessions are usually between 30- 90 days of purchase.

Reasons for getting a Spiritual Reading


In addition to emotional and spiritual work, people seek Mojan's services to help them contact lost loved ones. Working with Mojan will help you cope with unresolved issues and find closure, allowing you to continue living without debilitating distractions. Mojan acts as a medium between you, your HIgher Self and the after-life, comforting you by communicating with loved ones who may have left this world unexpectedly or in great physical or emotional pain. By communicating with your Benevolent spirit guides and the deceased, Mojan helps relieve many of the common anxieties related to death and the afterlife, providing valuable information about life beyond its physical entity. After all, the here and now is only a small part of a much greater adventure. Perhaps you're simply curious and want answers to questions you think are trivial: why your family left their home country, or if you have an ancestral spirit guide ("Guardian Angel") watching over you. Mojan is eager to satisfy plus answer to your psychic curiosity and guide you on your path. And who knows, perhaps the answers to your questions will reveal more about you than you initially thought!