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Study: Positive Energy and Thinking Impact Water and Its Molecular Structure




Masaru Emoto writes in The Miracle of Water that positive energy changes the molecular structure of water, making it cleaner and more pure, and even giving it healing properties. This doesn't refer to some kind of


 electric device sending vibrations into water, but loving thoughts directed at the water.


 He conducted experiments in which water molecules were studied under a microscope. The water came from various places, including tap water. The water didn't have crystals in it when frozen. Then, the water was exposed to positive intention. This intention was sent to the water in various ways. One group mentally thanked the water, sending loving thoughts to the water. Other samples of the water were placed into containers and affixed with positive words written on paper: love, peace, gratitude, hope, let's do it, together, etc. Still other samples were exposed to various Classical music recordings. All of the samples of water were frozen and checked under a microscope. All of the samples had grown beautiful formations of crystals, directly as a result of the positive energy it had received.


How do we know the change in water was due to the thoughts, words and music? Different samples of water were exposed to negative energy. One sample was exposed to people directing mean, angry thoughts at it. Another set of samples had negative words written on paper and taped to the containers, words like: you fool, hate, war, do it, and sorrow. A third group of water samples were exposed to heavy metal music. All of these samples, when frozen and examined under a microscope, had developed either broken and randomly scattered crystals, or none at all.


 Masaru Emoto found that when people drank water that had been treated with positive energy, the water helped the people to become healthier.










By Caz Hanford


After a healing, it is vital that the healer clears the healing room of any residual negative energy left from the healing. During a healing, the healer may remove blockages from the client etheric and/or physical body which have hindered the natural flow of energy. These blockages should not be present in the body and therefore should be removed. They should also be removed from the healing area as well.


Spiritual Slime


If the client has an illness that has manifested on the physical level, there will be energy given off that may be heavy, sticky or negative - we call it spiritual slime. This tends to stick not only to the healer, but must also be removed from the client's aura and the healing area itself.


During the healing, it is not uncommon for the healer to become aware of this negative energy clinging to their hands and arms, and they may even have to stop and clean it off with their other hand or a feather. It may feel uncomfortable and perhaps may make the healer ache a little. This is why it is absolutely vital for the healer to wash their hands right up to their elbows after a healing. They must make sure that they clean off this energy so that it does not remain in their aura and create problems with their own personal energy flows.


At times it may be necessary to have a shower to cleanse your auric field if the healing has brought up a lot of negative energy or you have done many healings in one day. If you have done several healings, there tends to be a build up which needs to be cleansed and cleared both from the healing area and your own energy field.


Oceanic Cleansing and Sun Baths


Of course oceanic cleansing; or a dip in the sea is a powerful way to cleanse yourself. The ocean has a powerful energy all of its own and is a magnificent way to wash away any unwanted energy that you are carrying. So too is a bath in the sun - a stroll in the rays of Father Sun can also burn off negative energy. We all know how good we feel when the sun smiles in spring and how we can often feel a bit down and depressed in winter. So these two are a very effective way to remove negative energy build up in your auric field.


This cleansing must be thorough, otherwise pockets of negative energy will remain and eventually create unpleasant vibrations. This cleansing process is very important in making sure that you do not take on the negativity of others, their problems, their heartaches, their issues or their illnesses.




To remove the slime; from the clients aura, there are several methods which you can employ depending on which you prefer. To make sure that you remove unpleasant energy which your client has released from their physical body into their auric field, you may feather; them. This means that you take a feather - usually an eagle feather although it can be any feather large enough - and sweep it through their aura. Some healers I know have also used swan or geese feathers. The feather gathers the unwanted energy and it can then be flicked away from the body. Healers using shamanic healing energy often use this method, and also use the feather for other related aspects of healing. The hands may also be used for the same thing.




Smudging is another method to help cleanse the aura and healing area of unwanted energy. This requires the healer to burn sacred herbs such as white sage, lavender, rosemary, perhaps even eucalyptus, and then blow out the flame and use the smoke to cleanse.


A small bowl, often ceramic in nature, (although any vessel which is fire proof and doesn't get too hot will do) is used in order to avoid any cinders escaping. Needless to say, you do not want to burn the client!!! The healer simply gently directs the smoke into the client's aura using the hand or the feather.


Some healers - especially those who follow the shaman way, like to smudge their client both before and after a healing. This means negative energy that the client comes in with is immediately removed leaving the auric field clean without going into a healing with a build up already present. For the same effect, some healers like to feather their clients before and after.


The more you work with the healing energy, the more you will become aware of its differing nature. Just as you walk into a room of people and sense that you can cut the air with a knife, you will sense if a person is carrying negative energy about their person or if there is negative energy in an empty room. You will feel it clinging to the walls and in corners.


Cleansing the Healing Area


To cleanse the healing area before the start of your healing and afterwards, you may use several methods. Make sure that you air the room thoroughly by opening the doors and windows. Allow the breeze to blow through. Light a white candle to burn up unwanted energy - and always have a candle burning during a healing for the same reason. A white candle will help burn off negative energy during the healing and therefore helps to make the cleansing afterwards easier.


Cleansing Your Crystals


Crystals in a healing area also help to soak up unwanted energy. Clear quartz, rose quartz, agate etc....will all do the same job and it is vitally important that you remember to cleanse your crystals thoroughly at least once a week. You can do this several ways. If you have Reiki or another type of healing energy, you may Reiki the crystal until you feel that it is clean.


 Giving your crystals a salt bath using preferably sea salt, or adding eucalyptus oil


(which is a natural disinfectant) to the water is another method. Other healers like to give them a bath in beach sand. Yet another method is to put your crystals outside at night during the full moon for her cleansing moon rays, or burying them in Mother Earth for a few days to clean them.


Music/Toning Cleansing


Putting on some boppy music up loud(if that is your preference) helps to blow away the cobwebs - spiritually speaking that is!! The loud vibrations from your favourite music creates positive energy which fills the room to the corners.


This also applies to the use of any toning implements; such as the use of Tibetan Prayer Bells, singing bowls, talking bells - where you run a wooden implement round the base of the bell or the rim of the dish to produce a vibrating tone which hums through your body and the immediate area. It has a clearing effect.


Sacred Symbols


Dropping sacred symbols in the healing area also helps to clean the room. You may use symbols from any healing modality that you are familiar with - their positive vibrations all help to eliminate unwanted energy.


Another favourite method is to create a spiritual universal vacuum cleaner. Using the chok u rei; symbol (Reiki and Sei Chim symbol) and visualisation, you can create a vacuum cleaner which automatically sucks up negative energy and removes it, turns it into positive energy, and returns it to Mother Earth. These visualisation techniques give the healer room to be inventive and also work closely with Universal energy and Mother Earth.


Living Plants


Some healers like to place plants in a healing area to suck up unwanted energy. I would be very protective of living creatures - both plant and animal life. If using plants, they must be removed and put outside for a good breeze and cleansing water bath.


Plants and animals can be attuned to Reiki energy and this gives them a certain amount of protection but they must also be cleansed properly - just as we have a bath or cleansing method for us - the healer - so must they be cleansed or you run the risk of them becoming unwell. This is something that other healers may not agree with but in my experience I have found this to be true.


It is also important to wipe the healing table over between healings with a cleaning fluid and change pillow cases and the sheet - if you use one.


So in conclusion, remember that cleansing of the healing area and you, the healer, is just as vital as cleansing the aura of your client. Therefore there will be no transference of negative energy from one client to another, or client to the healer, or plant or animal. Just as modern medicine disinfects on the physical level, so we must disinfect and clean on the spiritual or etheric level. It is just as important!






The Hidden Messages of Water: Masaru Emoto Explains How Thought Effects Our Water




We start out life being ninety-nine percent water as fetuses. When we are born we are ninety percent water and by the time we reach adulthood we are down to seventy percent. If we die of old age we will probably be about fifty percent water. In other words throughout our lives we exist mostly as water.


Water, carried by blood and bodily fluids is the means by which nourishment is circulated throughout our bodies and serves as the transporter of energy throughout our body.


I long wondered if it might be possible to find physical evidence of the ability of water to memorize information – might there be some way of seeing it with the physical eye? And one day I casually opened a book to words that jumped off the page: “No two snow crystals are exactly the same.”


Of course, I had learned this same thing in elementary school. The faces of all the snowflakes that have fallen on the earth for millions of years have all been different. However I read this sentence as if it had a completely different meaning because my heart was open and receptive to its message. The next moment I thought, “If I freeze water and look at the crystals, each one will look totally unique.” That moment marked my first step on an adventure into a new and unexplored world.


The Hidden Messages of Water - Masaru Emoto explains how thought effects our water.


The crystal photographs that I started taking proved to be extremely eloquent. Crystals emerge for only twenty or thirty seconds as the temperature rises and the ice starts to melt. This short window of time gives us a glimpse into a world that is indeed magical.


Let me explain how I go about taking photographs of crystals. I put fifty different types of water in fifty different Petri dishes. I then freeze the dishes at -20C (-4F) for three hours in a freezer. The result is that surface tension forms drops of ice in the Petri dishes about one millimeter across. The crystal appears when you shine a light on the crown of the drop of ice. [Editor’s Note: Ice crystals that form from pure water are naturally hexagonal in shape due to the molecular structure of water – H20 – or two parts hydrogen for one part oxygen which develop into a six-fold symmetry. Crystals form when water vapor condenses, and the patterns emerge as the crystals grow.]


Of course, the result is never fifty similar crystals and sometimes no crystals at all are formed. When we graphed the formation of the crystals, we realized that different water formed different crystals. Some of them were clearly similar, some were deformed and in some types of water no crystals at all formed.


“Let’s see what happens when we expose the water to music.”


First I looked at the crystals of tap water from different locations. The water of Tokyo was a disaster – not a single complete crystal was formed. Tap water includes a dose of chlorine used to sanitize it, utterly destroying the structure found in natural water.


However, within natural water, no matter where it came from – natural springs, underground rivers, glaciers, and the upper reaches of rivers – complete crystals formed.


My efforts to photograph ice crystals and conduct research began to move ahead. Then one day the researcher – who was as caught up in the project as I – said something completely out of left field: “Let’s see what happens when we expose the water to music.”


The Hidden Messages of Water - Masaru Emoto explains how thought effects our water.


I myself enjoy music immensely, and had even had hopes of becoming a professional musician as a child, and so I was all in favor of this off-thewall experiment.


At first we had no idea what music we would use and under what conditions we would conduct the experiment, but after considerable trial and error we reached the conclusion that the best method was probably the simplest – put a bottle of water on a table between two speakers and expose it to a volume at which a person might normally listen to music. We would also need to use the same water that we had used in previous experiments.


We first tried distilled water from a drugstore. The results astounded us. Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, with its bright and clear tones, resulted in beautiful and wellformed crystals. Mozart’s 40th Symphony, a graceful prayer to beauty, created crystals that were delicate and elegant. And the crystals formed by exposure to Chopin’s Etude in E, Op. 10, No. 3, surprised us with their lovely detail.


All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in well-formed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavymetal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.


All the classical music that we exposed the water to resulted in wellformed crystals with distinct characteristics. In contrast, the water exposed to violent heavy-metal music resulted in fragmented and malformed crystals at best.


But our experimenting didn’t stop there. We next thought about what would happen if we wrote words or phrases like “Thank you” and “Fool” on pieces of paper and wrapped that paper around the bottles of water with the words facing in. It didn’t seem logical for water to “read” the writing, understand the meaning, and change its form accordingly. But I knew from the experiment with music that strange things could happen.


The results of the experiments didn’t disappoint us. Water exposed to “Thank you” formed beautiful hexagonal crystals but water exposed to the word “Fool” produced crystals similar to the water exposed to heavy-metal music, malformed and fragmented.


I particularly remember one photograph. It was the most beautiful and delicate crystal that I had so far seen – formed by being exposed to the words “love and gratitude.” It was as if the water had rejoiced and celebrated by creating a flower in bloom. It was so beautiful that I can say that it actually changed my life from that moment on.






We all know that words have an enormous influence on the way we think and feel and that things generally go more smoothly when positive words are used. However, up until now, we have never been able to physically see the effect of words.


Words are very likely to have an enormous impact on the water that composes as much as seventy percent of our body, and this impact will in no small way affect our bodies.


If you fill your heart with love and gratitude, you will find yourself surrounded by so much that you can love and feel grateful for; you can get closer to enjoying the life of health and happiness. But what if you emit signals of hate, dissatisfaction, and sadness? Then you will probably find yourself in a situation that makes you hateful, dissatisfied, and sad.


The life you live and the world you live in are up to you.






Healthy pH Balance|Balancing Ph-Ion And Detox To Cleanse The Body


source: kangenwatercure.com




Grow, glow, and go! pH levels indicate the amount of acidity-alkalinity in your body. When your body’s pH level becomes too acidic, you may become exhausted, gain weight, suffer poor digestion, and have more aches. If pH is to acidic for longer periods of time, you may suffer more serious problems. If this happens, it would be a good idea to “detox,” that is, to reduce the amount of unhealthy toxins in your body and return the pH balance to a more natural alkaline state.


While the human body naturally removes toxins through the processing of blood and waste elimination, it can sometimes be overloaded with unhealthy toxins. This may happen when a person is sick, and his or her biological processes are not functioning properly.


It can also happen when we don’t maintain a healthy diet. Eating too many acidic foods can produce an unhealthy imbalance. Lack of exercise can also impede your body’s ability to clean itself of harmful toxins. No matter how it happens, detoxing can produce a better health and a more productive life generally.


Human bodies work as hard to maintain a healthy blood pH level as they do to maintain a normal temperature. Naturally, our bodies work to maintain a blood pH level of a little more than 7. To do this, it will even stress tissues and internal organs to a proper pH balance. So, you can even be unhealthy because of pH level even when your pH level is in normal ranges.


As mentioned, being overly tired, gaining weight, poor digestion, and aches and pains may indicate that your pH balance is out of whack and your body may be trying to process too many acids. You may be eating too much acid, your body may be creating too much acid, or your body may not be eliminating acids as it should.


One of the easiest ways to detox these acids is to change your diet. Foods that contribute to acidity include dairy products, processed sugars, red meat, alcohol, coffee, and carbonated beverages. If you eat a lot of these, you may be overloading your body beyond its natural ability to neutralize the acids and return to a more normal alkaline state.


Acidifying toxins can also be formed by microforms (microscopic animal or vegetable organisms) and pathogens inside the body. All human bodies contain microscopic organisms that aid digestion, but too many of these microforms may create more acids than the body can handle, impeding digestion and eventually leading to serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, Chrohn’s disease, and perhaps even colon cancer.


These pathogens can enter the blood stream and carry disease with them through the blood to cells, tissues, and entire biologic systems. An out-of-balance pH level may indicate that this is occurring.


These toxins can be removed through a process of detoxification, but an overloaded system can’t do it naturally. You’ll have to help to return to a healthy pH balance. A detox diet includes highly-alkaline foods like vegetables and low-sugar fruits, focused hydration through drinking lots of water (preferably alkaline water), and proper alkaline-rich supplements.


You can purchase alkalizing products that will help return your normal pH balance. Tasteless, odorless structured alkaline waters are designed for maximum absorption and contain minerals to help achieve a healthy pH balance. They help neutralize acids and remove toxins. When you’re using alkaline waters as a first step in a detox diet, you should drink from three to four liters (about 3-4 quarts) every day.






Healing Waters


by Mambo Rinmin La Via Bel


Water is recognized in many religious belief systems as essential to all life. Without water, there would be dehydration and death. In universal religious practices, we seek the restorative hydration of hope and healing that water brings to the body, the soul and the spirit.


Throughout history, water has been considered essential for physical health and spiritual well being and has been long part of ceremonial practices in many of the world religions. Life form cannot survive without the sustaining qualities of water.


From the beginning of time, every culture understood that water was a divine gift, life-giving, cleansing and renewing. In the beginning, life was created in vast ocean waters. Early life form could be supported without light, but no life could be sustained without water. We can compare the evolving of life form in the sea to the mother’s womb, where human life begins in an aquatic environment, protected from extreme heat, cold, noise and injury. The womb could be identified as a pouch of water that surrounds the first form of life.


Recognition is given to the birth of life and the life-sustaining power of the water. Many sites of the origin of water or where springs have formed have been dedicated as sacred. These sites are considered blessed and forming from the source or womb of the earth. All faiths have springs, caves, waterfalls, rivers that have been dedicated to the sacred, with many beatific apparitions observed and miraculous healings documented.


We can turn to any religious practice and find some use of water as a connective and healing practice. Many spiritual rituals require the element of water, from baptism, to libations, to cleansing baths and other rituals branching many countries, cultures and religious practices. Water offers the opportunity for purification and renewal. Tracing back to ancient religions and traditions, even bathhouses offered opportunities for both physical and spiritual cleansings.


Early Egyptians worshiped the Nile; their priests bathed themselves in the waters prior to entering the sacred temples. In India, bathing in the Ganges had been an important part of ritual purification. Jewish women cleanse themselves with the ritual-cleansing bath called the mikvah, and the Kabalistic tradition of meditation utilizes water. St. John the Baptist baptized Jesus Christ in the Jordan River, water bonding heaven and earth. Holy water is used as ritual purification in Christian churches and homes. Muslims are required to wash their face, hands and neck in a ritual manner five times a day prior to their daily prayers. Meditation is frequently practiced by water used for its contemplative powers and healing sounds. In South America, it is common practice for healers to administer flower baths for cleansing of the spiritual body. The Celtic religion honored Sulis, whose temple is on the site of hot springs in Bath, England. Sweat lodges and bathing were integral to the American Indian spiritual traditions. Inca temples were designed so that water would flow from the temples to the ceremonial sites and villages below. There is not one religious belief that does not utilize water and some form of bathing within that tradition.


African based religions utilize the restorative power of the divine infused in baths through ritual and ceremonies. Libations of water are poured opening the way for the various works to be conducted. Water is the vehicle used to apply and bond the healing elements to the individual, hydrating or healing deep within the roots of the spirit.


Water in spiritual rituals becomes a conduit of prayer, washing away negative vibrations thoughts and emotions that form the root of many physical and emotional problems that obstruct spiritual clarity. Water as this vehicle of energy, combined with plant life and other elements of the earth, provide for a powerful unifying energy, which combined with prayer, becomes the metaphysical purification process for the spirit.


In African-based religions, and in particular, the religion of the Voodoo Religion, each Loa (also known as Orisa, Deity, Holy Spirit, Saint, Guardian Angel, etc.) governs a physical territory, such as the ocean, the lake, the rivers, the earth, the fires, the wind, and the rain. When an individual requires work, or more specifically a bath that will cleanse that individual in the spirit, we call on the Loa for healings within their territories. These healings include the provinces of love, family, business, life direction, and the clearing negativity or spirit problems. The bath is made of various elements of the Loa whose intervention is sought, combining the forces of nature (water, leaves, drinks, fruits, etc) and divine through prayers invoked, directing the force to the problematic area or concern for the individuals being bathed.


Priests or priestesses in African based religions administer these baths. Through the “hand” of the priest/priestess and prayers, a petition is made to the divine force to cloak the individual being bathed, to receive the protection and blessings of the Loa. These works call the attention of the spiritual forces, praying and petitioning for divine intersession on behalf of that individual seeking the healing.


Because of ancient ties, the old traditions are honored, and the healing practices of the priest or priestess in African-based religions, are powerful. Bathing is an integral part of African-based religions, but it is not unique as this healing concept appears many other religious practices, and is also becoming a large practice in the holistic healing traditions. African-based religions are rare in that they carry on unbroken traditions of healing and prayer that are connected to the divine.


Many cultures and traditions have given in to the demands of modern life and have broken fragments of these works, calling on one aspect of the tradition, ignoring the ceremonial aspects that brought the power of the work. In doing so, some of these powerful works have become diluted or ineffectual within the greater context of the spiritual tradition. These works were not intended to be broken from a practice, and utilized as one part replacing the whole. Often holes are left for negativities to breed in these spiritual openings creating new obstacles and problems for individuals calling on these powers without the ceremonies, rites and privileges necessary to perform these works.


It is important to follow time-honored traditions, observing the rituals and ceremonies and through the strong connection of the divine by those who have undergone rituals of elevation, trained and studied with spiritual masters. Given in the correct manner, spiritual baths bring the hope and miracles that life can hold to the supplicant. These healing waters refresh and restore faith, and infuse a deep healing to the individual receiving the healing bath, washing away negativity, and disease. Its restorative powers can bring healings to families; bring opportunities for increased financial stability and love.


This year, the National African Religion Congress has dedicated their annual conference to “Healing Waters,” with a grand ceremonial bath culminating on Sunday, August 12th in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This is a rare opportunity to participate in a healing ceremony and spiritual bath to be given at the ocean. This bath will be given to help those who are seeking change in their life, for direction, for clarity for peace within family, and improved relationships.


Spiritual bathing brings opportunity for change, clearing the way for these healings to take place. Within this power, it is in our hands to walk the refreshed path with renewed faith and belief in God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Loa and the miracles of healing that they have bestowed on us.




Ionized Water Benefits: source askahealer.com


Medical studies show that alkaline ionic water has the most powerful antioxidant properties, better than vitamins A, C, E, beta carotene and selenium, which improves your body's defense against disease.


Ionized water also has a detoxing effect on the body systems so many people notice better elimination with alkaline water.

An ionizer is more than a water filter; it is a special type of water system that changes the structure of water to an ionized state. It is this ionized state that is reported to create so many healthy benefits for users.

The theory is that degenerative disease is the result, at least in large part, to an acidic body. In other words, when someone's ph levels stay acidic too long, disease and aging happen.

I have some personal beliefs around that. Even though our bodies has their own internal ways of balancing ph levels, they were never designed to carry the acidic load the modern diet dumps into them. Our typical diet today is so high in acid-producing foods that I believe our bodies cannot stay balanced.


Experiencing the alkaline water difference usually convinces most people:


As alkaline water gently detoxes and restores normal ph levels, most experience less joint pain and more energy. Try alkaline ionic water for a week and see if you don't feel better.

I drink alkaline water myself. I have used water additives that turn water alkaline (Willard Water and Water Oz, for example) as well as drinking Kangen Water and other types of alkalinized water. Typically, I will drink about half alkaline water and half regular purified water.

Acid water on your face?


That sounds not so great, eh? Putting acid water on your skin....yet, the benefits are numerous.

For those who may never had heard the term "acid water", it just refers to water with an acid ph, not water with some kind of acid-based additive.

There is a lot of study that suggests water with an acid ph is beneficial for external application. I'm including information on both for your educational research.




Alkaline Water Health-Boosting Effects
This information, copyright, Good Health Supplements


Here is a list of benefits you will achieve when you (1) drink, cook and prepare beverages with ionized water, and (2) use the acid water.


Also listed are the benefits that will help keep your dog or cat healthier as well:


The Internal Benefits of Micro-structured Alkaline Water (for internal use):


* Most users report a lot more clarity of mind and energy, due to the extra oxygen ionized water supplies

* Micro-structured water attacks free radicals through powerful antioxidant properties

* Helps to keep your body ph levels balanced

* Micro-structured water helps with losing weight

* Effective hydration helps your skin look healthier and the body detox easier

* Better absorption of nutrients from foods you eat

* Better eliminatory health

Acid Water Benefits (for external use):

* Helps reduce wrinkles and helps fade age spots

* Used as a rinse for the hair and body, acid water provides a silky smoothness

* Helps to relieve the aggravation of dry and itchy skin, chapped skin and eczema too

* Acid water rinse is healing for rashes, acne, wounds, blisters and fungal infections

* Removes tooth plaque when used to brush teeth

* Helps to sooth sore throats and mouth sores, when gargled



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