"My first reading was so great and I have been practicing what we talked about. Your depth and kindness is what I need to navigate my personal and business future. You're an angel and gift"

Rochelle Drumm LA, CA chipzhappen.com


"Mojan is a healer though love and compassion. You instantaneously feel an unparallel level of trust with her. She has an innate ability to truly empathize and  you can feel the sincerity that is coming from her heart and soul. She offers you hope and guidance in a very light hearted and kind way. You feel surrounded by an incredible light. She is truly amazing :) " 

Lorella Toronto, Canada


"You helped me through one of the most difficult paths/choices in my life only to show me how to turn it into the best experience of my life.  You inspired me to have hope, faith and trust.  I am forever grateful!  Thank you!"

Stacy Bee Los Angeles, CA


   I think it's really cool how I ended up having a psychic reading done from Mojan as I actually saw her in a dream about 2 months before contacting her. It was a really quick dream, I basically was looking at her face for a few seconds and then I heard a voice which I believe came from one of my spirit guides that said "This person will help you out". As soon as I woke up I remembered the dream instantly and just kind of absorbed it in. Shortly after having that dream I ended up finding Mojan on youtube, which led me to her website which eventually led me to having a marvelous reading done from her. I felt like she really, really healed my soul on a deep level which has left me feeling whole and complete. The guidance she gave me is absolutely incredible and I am very grateful for it. I highly recommend her to anyone that may consider getting a reading or healing done from her as she is the REAL DEAL!!! 

Bobby U British Columbia    


This is a funny coincidence. I just saw you mentioned on something posted by the Iron Sheik on Twitter (random!) and I quickly realized I had met you once before in LA. One day sometime around 2006 I was at El Compadres on Sunset Boulevard standing in line. You actually were in line ahead of me and somehow we got to talking and you told me about what you do for a living. When you told me you were a healer and a psychic I told you about all these health issues I had been having that required me to have a hospital stay. I told you that I had tons of lab work done and the doctors still couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. Then you looked at me and you told me that the doctors weren't going to be able to help me, but that I'd figure out what was wrong with me on my own. At the time I just kind of laughed and didn't think much of it. Then a short while later I did a lot of reading online about various things and learned that gluten sometimes caused the symptoms that I was experiencing. I decided to do an elimination diet and discovered that my body doesn't do well at all when I eat gluten and that it actually triggers an immune response in my body that makes me sick. Ever since then I have told everyone about that funny Persian girl I met in LA who told me I'd figure it all out myself and sure enough I did! Anyway, that's my story. I doubt you even remember me but I think it's pretty cool. 

Sohrob San Diego, CA 


"My name is Sophie and I met Mojan 4 years ago through a friend. Instantly, I felt a connection with her. I knew that she was a genuine person who wanted to share nothing but truth, love and reality with me. I remember my first reading; I wanted her to tell me that I was going to meet the love of my life tomorrow and I was going to be successful in three months. But that was not the case. She told me that I was going through the right path and journey to accomplish my dreams. From my frist reading until now, she always said that I will meet my soul mate at 25 and get married at 26. I am 25, and just got engaged 2 weeks ago. I met my other half a year ago and we started dating exactly on my 25th birthday. What is more amazing is that we planned our wedding and I will be 26 years old on our wedding day. Mojan taught me to believe in myself more than anything. I trust my thoughts and my angels that speak to me everyday. I learned how to value everyday and truly enjoy my life, which lead me towards where I am today!" 

Sophie Los Angeles, CA


"I first found Mojan several years ago and she told me something at the time that later came true.  As my life became turbulent and full of complications I decided to give her a call again and she has helped me in so many ways.  Not only is she remarkably gifted at predicting the future, but she is capable of shining light on the path that we're on and where we need to go.  Mojan is fun to talk to, healing, and whenever I have finished with a reading I feel like I have clarity and hope.  It's like talking to your best friend without having to explain any of the details of your situation.  She just knows."

Christie Arnold Jacksonville, NC


"I was walking in the supermarket, when I bumped into a woman who I knew from many years ago.  We began talking, catching up on old times.  One way or another we began talking about people with certain gifts and abilities.  She started to talk about Mojan, and told me the WILDEST story…
She had been at a party that Mojan was hired to attend.  She said that Mojan kept telling her all night that she had a certain vibe about her. At the end of the night this woman drove Mojan home and she kept telling the woman that she had a strong feeling that her children were being watched by God. The woman, who normally never took that kind of stuff seriously, played along, as she drove to drop Mojan at home. Mojan continued with her feelings, insisting that the woman understand how lucky she is that God was looking over her family. The woman dropped Mojan off, and five minutes after she left the car, the woman’s cell phone rang.  It was the police. Her nineteen year old daughter had been hit be a drunk driver. The woman rushed to the scene to see her car totaled. The police officer told the woman that miraculously, her daughter was OK. He had never seen a wreck so bad, and the victim, came out with no serious injuries. With the woman still in disarray, the police officer looked at her and said… “God must have been looking out for your child.”

Abby Tobias Toronto, Canada scratchlab.ca




"I am a total believer in Mojan's healing baths.  A couple of years ago I took a bath and focused on finding my birth family, not even a week later, after over a decade of actively searching, everything came together and I was talking to my grandmother on the phone, and then eating dinner across from an amazing brother I never knew I had.  Not long after that amazing reunion I took another bath, this time I focused on my career, and again, weeks later I was hired to play piano on an international tour.  The pure loving intent infused in Mojan's baths working along with your own faith and energy is something everyone should experience!  I know that I will never be the same.  Thank you Mojan!"

Lou Dawson Los Angeles, CA


“Connecting with Mojan has been a true blessing in my life. Her soul is pure and rich and her heart is made of gold. While she has many undeniable gifts, it is who she is as a whole that I admire and respect. I feel a deep connection with her and know it is because she is someone I can wholeheartedly trust with my heart, mind, and body.”

Phavanna Bouphasavanh Minneapolis, MN


“Mojan is a very special and gifted person. Her readings are extremely accurate and she gives such insightful advice about anything possible. When I heard about Mojan from friends I was a little reluctant to believe in her readings until I experienced one for myself. She helps you truly understand yourself and the energy of the people around you. Her readings have motivated me and she has given me the best guidance. Mojan is an amazing and genuine person that is incomparable to any other spiritual healer.”

Charlene, Los Angeles, CA


"Mojan is hands down the most insightful and intuitive person I know. She made a believer out of THIS non believer! Its very rare that I would give such a great recommendation but trust me - stick with Moj and she will make it worth your while smile"Wes Brodsky Los Angeles, CA


“I have been blessed to have been re-connected with Mojan after many many years, and just as back in those days, my recent experiences with her have been nothing shy of unbelievable. Her connection with me goes beyond the surface, as she has this way of looking into the essence of my heart and soul, and is able to identify with me in ways that no one can. She is the most comforting person to talk to, and her perspective goes beyond material comprehension. She has the unique ability and power to answer questions that have not been asked, and accurately articulate and address real matters of the heart and mind. Her vision cannot be questioned and her guidance is one to be taken advantage of. Mojan has helped me through many of my dark and inner demons, and for that i will always be grateful. I will always look to Mojan as a beautiful confidant, and a person who can bring me to a spiritual level that could only help to bring peace of mind and happiness to my life. In only a few experiences, Mojan was able to recognize my inner fears and help me recollect and come to terms with several long withstanding issues. Most recently, she helped me through a difficult time....and with her love, support, faith and spiritual vision, my prayers have been answered, and I have finally been blessed with something that i have been waiting for my whole life. I cant thank you enough Mojan. God Bless you!”

Anj Toronto, Canada


"I can't tell you how many times Mojan has been dead on.....and we're talking about things that I thought could/would never happen....she kills it time and time again, in a good way.....you are guaranteed to leave your session with a more positive outlook on your life/future.....just go see her, you'll see what I mean."


Ely "the Creep" Rise, Los Angeles, CA



Mojan is extremely intuitive and empathic. She is able to tap into your personal energy and becomes completely in tune with your essence. The level of accuracy due to this ability is very high. She has pure love towards her readings and honest and true belief in what she is doing. She truly turns herself into a channel that transmits the truth from beyond and allows us to know things that we on our own can not necessarily see in ourselves.
It was a great experience and extremely motivating and filled with hope for the future.

Tat S Toronto, Canada


“When you were on chancepychic(blogtalkradio) who is a friend of mine I called in with a question about my son Rafael and he is in jail and I asked if he was getting out today Wednesday Aug4,2009 YOU TOLD ME YOU SAW 4. well he has 40 more days to get out then on probation. I was so shocked and called chance right away and he was like yep as if he knew you were right and I was so happy that you knew Mojan and I want to first of all thank you and please pray for him and send us white light as I send you Love you..Maria.. I SEND YOU WHITE LIGHT ENERGY MAY YOU BE BLESSED THANK YOU LOVE LIGHT PEACE FROM ME TO YOU FROM”



"My name is Frank Veal. I’m an aspiring musician from Milton, Ontario Canada.
 I swear on my hands the following experience with Mojan is so true that if I’m not telling the truth you can chop my hands off. This would mean I could never write or play an instrument ever again. Mojan is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met! When I had a session with her she told me things that I’ve never told anyone. All she asked me was my birthday and my question to her was “Where do you see me going with music in the future?” Without me saying anything else, she went on to explain relationships with people I work with, she went on to explain my personal feelings about children, she described things that happened to me in the last year, and in detail as to how I felt. All these things related to me succeeding or not succeeding in music so the topics where relevant. She told me things out of the blue that she could have no way of knowing, unless she possessed a special gift. The part that totally blew me away is she would bring these topics up! We where on the phone, so it wasn’t like it was face to face where she could manipulate me. I can’t begin to explain how this has changed my life forever. Mojan has reconfirmed what I have to do. My mind is so free of negativity it’s scary…As I still encounter negative situations as we all do, I now have a different mindset on how to deal with negatives and I’m able to focus on positive things in a way I never knew was possible. This world needs more people like Mojan!! She’s sweet, loving, caring, and most of all HONEST! She’ll tell you how it is. Who knows, the experience may not always be positive and she may tell you something you may not want to hear. With me it was so positive beyond belief. I encourage anyone to contact me if you want more details. To anyone reading this, I speak from my heart…For anyone who has a session with Mojan, I wish you all the happiness and joy that I experienced!!! Mojan…You’re Amazing! You’re forever in my thoughts!......just to set the record straight for people reading this that don’t know me. You may be inclined to think after reading this that I’m in love with Mojan? Truth be told I’m a very happy married man..Mojan is just that good at what she does! I tell my wife about her all the time! Once again, if I’m not telling the truth here then I wish to loose my hands in which I could never write a guitar line ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Frank Veal Milton, Ontario Canada myspace/wycrown



"Mojan has been a great inspiration to my soul and spirit. She not only has affirmed my historical past lives but has clearly projected my present and future journey with clarity. I love her soul and know that you truly have a gift in her as your spiritual guide."

Lulu Toronto, Canada



"Mojan clearly sees truth and offers insight, perspective, and a genuinely caring personal touch. Her concern for clarity leaves one feeling fully aware of purpose and self. Her warm heart invites and establishes a great level of comfort, conducive to ones ability to comprehend the message. Her voice is sweet and her message, pure. One leaves the session yearning for more and enthusiastically looking forward to applying the newly gained knowledge.
On a personal note, I cannot begin to tell you about the overwhelmingly love filled session that I owe to Mojan. She and I instantly connected and her gift for explaining and offering insight and love is immense. She intensly radiates with knowledge and her soothing voice romances my heart. People speak of instant love and I knew of no such thing until I spoke with her. I found myself enthralled by the message while embraced and comforted by the messenger. Her session is the greatest gift I can give myself. The world fades, as do concepts of time when we speak and I love and thank her for that. Never once was I concerned that the message was disingenuous. Mojan is living this truth and I feel truly blessed and comforted knowing her services are available. My friends do yourself a favour and give her a chance to affect your life, through spirit; I promise you will not regret it, I know I haven't."

Sal (apparently Salvatore sooner than I think) Durham, United Kingdom


"Mojan has this uncanny ability to make me feel better every time I speak with her, even though she's miles away. We all go through tough times in life, but Mojan helps put things into perspective so I always feel like everything is going to be ok."

Elayne Laken Toronto, Canada



"Mojan has been in my life for 14 years as my spiritual advisor and psychic. Being a skeptic it was at first difficult for me to let her into my spiritual space. But through many tangible occurrences with Mojan it is now impossible to ever say that I do not believe. She has brought me face to face with the reality of my future and guided me away from many whom would of backstabbed my trust. I will be forever grateful to Mojan for changing my life in ways even her psyche would have never foreseen."

Tami H. Los Angeles, CA


"Mojan is the real deal. If you want to connect with your higher self, connect with her."

Devin Shoemaker Windsor Locks, Connecticut


"Mojan has proven time and time again to have an intense insight into my future: from unexpected money or meetings with an old love to seeing my son next to me three weeks before I learned I was pregnant! She is compassionate and understanding and has never told me what she thinks I might want to hear if she does not actually see it and believe it herself. I would highly suggest her to anyone looking for their own personal truths!"

Jennifer Johnson, Hollywood, CA



"I had randomly became one of Mojan's friends on myspace. One day I suddenly recieved a message from her at about 2am. Her guidence was insightful and well needed at the time. Shortly after, I had contacted her for a reading. Mojan had detailed information about people around me and events that had been occuring in my life. Her positiveness and spiritual healing is leading me on a optamistic road. Although, it has only been a few days since the reading, I am excited about the future and ready to move my life closer to my true self. Sometimes when you are looking for guidence, you really do find it. Thats how I feel about Mojan."

Jennifer San Diego, CA


"Mojan had seen my photo on my husband's desk. Her reading of my photograph was so accurate that my husband was so CONVINCED I should see her right away! I was very reluctant!!! But when I met her, it was like she knew everything I was going through in detail. It was so easy to talk to Mojan because of her insight and inspiration. A week later, events she told me from before were coming true and it was too coincidental to not believe how great she is.  I've had one reading with Mojan and 6 months later everything seems to be make more sense now.  She is a spiritually gifted and is such an accurate psychic. I HIGHLY recommend Mojan to anyone who needs guidance in their lives."

Susan Aceron Edmonton, Alberta


"You can have the lady on mute by accident (SWEAR TO GOD) and she still answers your questions. She can't hear you, but she absolutely feels you. She "hears" your angels. And her positive energy is so "real." SWEAR ON THE HOLY BIBLE."

Sessa Shoe Shine Box San Francisco, CA


Hi!!! So I'm not sure if you remember but when we spoke a year ago, you said I'd be working in an office for about a year - and I have!!! Then you said after about a year I'd start to get really busy with my fashion styling - and I’m starting to get really busy!!! I just started assisting a great stylist and things are really going well. THANK YOU for encouraging me to take this path. THANK YOU!!    

Melanie Leftick,  Los Angeles, CA


"Mojan is fantastic and extremely gifted!  I regularly go to her for advice and insight and she steers me right every time!  Her sessions are not only informative but educational and I would recommend her work to anyone who wants some spiritual guidance and direction!"

Laura Agoura Hills, CA


"Mojan is totally amazing. When I first called her I guess you could say I was totally lost. But really I was hiding in my life scared to do anything about it. We talked about a lot of different things. At the end I knew I had my angels with me and life was going to be okay. I even had things to look forward to!"

Jersey Boise, IDAHO


"Well I honestly have nothing but wonderful things to say about Mojan..she helped me see and realize a lot about myself that I needed to see...and it was more than worth it for me to contact her...and will love to do again in the near future...truly a beautiful person!!"

Ramneek Montreal, Quebec


“I met Mojan in a time when I really needed some direction.  I was in a very conflicted space, battling my heart vs. my intellect, and a good friend of mine recommended I go see her.  A very understanding and insightful soul, Mojan helped me cut right to the heart of what I needed to know, in order to make a very big decision.  That very same night, as a result of the work we did together, the insight and support that she offered, and the strength she inspired me to find within myself, my life changed dramatically for the better.   And within three months, I truly felt (and continue to feel) like a new person.  Thanks Mojan for helping me find my light.  It feels so good not to live in the dark anymore!”  

Andrea Toronto, ON


"I cannot say enough about my experience with Mojan. I can be very much a skeptic, and have run into many frauds along the way. In the first few moments of arriving I was completely at ease with her. In just the next few, I felt like she really got me. I didn't need to say anything because she was saying everything I was feeling or wanted to talk about, even things I didn't think I would talk about. It is hard to explain but I left there feeling amazing. Mentally and physically. She has an amazing energy. I look forward to seeing her again and will tell everyone I know about her."

Joel Adams Los Angeles, CA


"Mojan is bar none one of the most gifted psychics I have ever encountered. She has not only the ability to clearly see but also the ability to convey the knowledge in a way that enables one to potentially change the outcome.
She also is an incredible healer.  She has cured a sinus headache in a matter of minutes. She is as talented as any of the Reiki masters that worked on me Japan, if not moreso.
I would recommend Mojan to anyone!"

Nikki Los Angeles, CA


"Working with you has been a truly phenomenal experience. I had been to other psychics before, but never had I experienced since accuracy, delivered with such an immense amount of kindness and compassion. To say that I am grateful to have found you is an understatement! Through our work together, you have provided me with tools to face the future, and given me hope and insight in so many different areas. I am appreciative for all your help, and look forward to working with you more in the future. You are so incredibly good and what you do, and feel blessed to be able to work with you."

Christina Los Angeles, CA



"Not only is Mojan intuitive and incredibly accurate, but she has a comforting warmth that could make even the coldest of hearts melt. Every life that Mojan touches will make the world that much better of a place."

Jaime Oyster Bay, New York


"Compassionate and honest! Mojan gives you the best of both worlds. Thoroughly guiding you through exactly what you are experiencing while giving you love and showering you with light are only some of the things an individual experiences when having a reading. No problem is too big, being that she is so beautifully gifted she taps right into your vibrations and helps you find yourself while finding an answer for your problems. Mojan's accuracy is absoloutely amazing!! I would highly recommend a reading with Mojan, and I promise you will not be dissatisfied. Giving her a chance may open a door for you towards a new world, while not giving it a chance won't allow perhaps a much needed change- Give it a try!!. Thank you Mojan for everything!! smile "


R.KM New Jersey




"Mojan is the best thing that has happened to me spiritually. She has awoken my senses to something I have ignored. She has brought me joy and introspective moments. I look forward to each conversation we have and I write down everything so that it doesn't go forgotten. She is blessed and you are blessed to be in her company-even if its on the phone. She is a healer, she is extremely loving and empathetic. She is beautiful inside and out and I am so lucky to have been brought to her. Peace&Love."

Anita Philadelphia, PA


"Not only is Mojan an amazing intuitive who gives dead-on readings, she's also an incredible person who's refreshingly real. There was no "Miss Cleo" vibe here. Mojan's more of a psychic life coach, like if Dr. Phil were clairvoyant. When I talk to Mojan, it's like talking to a best friend and a motivator, someone who's both straight and loving, compassionate and solution-oriented. Her words stay with me and inspire me to make great choices every day."

Ophira Edut New York, New York